Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hollis is red. And chilies are red. SO WHAT? HOLLIS IS HOT!

I don't really have much to type about St Andrew's School Annual Sports Day meet 2010...

So, PICTURES will do! After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

All these pictures displayed here are taken using Michee's DSLR.

Like I said in my previous post,

FINALLY, HOLLIS GOT 2ND! WOOHOO! I have been in this school since kindergarten and all this while, Hollis was always LAST LAST LAST! In other words, it's also FIRST........from behind.

HAHAHA!! OKAY, so that line was from a teacher. I did not make it up :P Kudos to the teacher who said it!

I was so so worried on the sports day itself that our points weren't high enough to maintain second because the other teams were catching up real fast - especially Macdougall and Cornwall.

Just in case you guys are confused with the names,

Hollis - RED team (RAWRR!)
Mac Dougall - GREEN team (Nature is ♥)
Cornwall - BLUE team (pure like water)
Danson - YELLOW team (Happy like sunshine!)

And, I'm obviously in Hollis! Since I'm ALL-red. Duh! I'm super loyal to Hollis I swear, I never wear any of the other house members' colour shirts. I always stick to red ♥

That proves how much I love HOLLIS!! Unlike some of you ungrateful Hollis house members! How dare you wear other house members' shirts on the day itself!! *shows middle finger out*

Nah. That's just a joke. I'm not that mean 0:)

And oh! I joined March past this year! IT WAS SO FUN cause I was so enthusiastic about the whole event!

The last time I joined March Past was when I was in Form 1! How time flies...I remember I was just a naive little girl who only know to play and play and play! Naive is right. And stupid! Damn. I'm glad I'm more mature than last time!

I cannot even bear to look at the way I act last time. Type in short forms? Make up nick-names for cute guys? OH, I'M glad that was OVER.

Shows how dedicated I am to Hollis! HAHAHAHA! Red hair, red flag, red tee, painted face and hand and....RED SUNBURNT FACE T____T

My neck is now a beautiful shade of coffee + milk, literally.

I HAVE RED HIGHLIGHTS TOO! *sakai* And also, I have a red ribbon tied on my hair!!

My hollis babes! MUAHAHAHA! Babes because like I said, Hollis is red. Chillies are red = HOLLIS HOT!!

*points to the little red ♥ on my hand* This is my love for you, Hollis!!

I get to hold the first letter of my name! How cool is that??

Okay. Not cool. HAHAHA!

SEE! I was destined to be in Hollis. My name is spelled L-i-l-i-a-n and it has six characters in it.

H-o-l-l-i-s TOO! Plus, Hollis has two Ls! How awesome. *big cheesy grins* :D :D :D

You can see Susan's beh song (In other words, I-don't-like-you) face because she's forced to pose with a Cornwall house member.

OMG! This Cornwall house member is trying to use her cuteness to win over the Hollis house members' hearts! Too bad it doesn't work on me :D

Red spray looks beautiful against dark hair...seriously!!

Here's another dedicated Hollis team member, Susan! She's so loyal to Hollis till she decided to paint her eyebrows red, permanently. Joking. Temporary :P


People standing and waiting impatiently at the end of the line for the winners.

CHECK out the Red Crescent club members! They get to wear *sobs* PINK SHIRTS!! So cute :D

Even guys. Guys may admit they don't like pink but actually, deep down inside, they love wearing pink because it reveals their feminine side! NO??

Are you out of poses people? Cause, I swear..taking pictures of people when they are running like mad.......results in face expressions like these:

P/S: I'm sure I make face expressions like these when I run :P Discus is one of them! *gasps in horror*

HAHA! Syuaib looks like he's dancing or maybe playing hopping game however you call that!! (He's the guy at the very right side of the lane, btw!)

Can you see those tiny black dots in this picture?? Well, girls being girls, like me...go "EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" when we see these "monsters"

When I met you girl my heart went knock knock Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop!!

Hehehehe! Dunno why Justin Bieber's song suddenly came into my mind when I see this picture o_O

Just in case you are wondering, I don't like him and I don't hate him either :)

Being vain is what every girl does best!


My one looks like.......wink FAILED.

Look at ma pretty ladies......

FREAK! You can see how dark I grew and it's only 1 DAY! JUST ONE FREAKING DAY T___T

And I already look like some....burnt chicken. Well, I am born in the year of rooster anyway :P


  1. haha i tot u meant hollis was holland at first! but grats on second place!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. waaahhh school sports day... aaah those were the days. now older, no more sports day, or canteen day, sobs sobs

  3. Waaa so red after bull chase after you. You'll be dead meat in Spain, literally. So don't go Spain. And don't support Spain's football team also XD

  4. Dropping here..Very nice friend..My special for u.. Check it Out!

  5. I missed my sports days!

    Supporting your blog.


  6. I want to land my helicopter on your cheek. =)

  7. I miss my sports day....

  8. Love the spirit! Was the captain for my team during secondary, aww, miss those days. :) How good if my team have loyal member like you.

  9. @Lukey cher Hong: In what way does Hollis sound like Holland eh? :/ HAHA! Thanks!

    Nana Eddy: Man! I will miss times like these when I get into uni :(

    Vin Tsen Gan: B-BUT I LOVE SPAIN!!

    The Blogger: I will miss it too!

    TOLANIC: That is, if you have a helicopter :P

    Hilda Milda: HAHA! YEP YEP! Bet we attracted a lot of audience from outerspace! lol!

    Jaerragus: Nostalgia much? :P

    Rolling Fumbling Thug: Aww....thanks! I didn't do that much though! Just painted the banner and stuff but i'm still glad I participated!


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