Thursday, July 29, 2010


And these are re-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ally long time ago.

Precisely, about 8 months and three weeks ago! :)

I took the pictures for fun last year and didn't bother to post them up mainly because it's so embarrassing to post up your own nail pictures when you see other people's one looking so much better than yours!

But, s'okay. Practice makes it better.

Of course, don't compare my nails to other nail obsessed bloggers a.k.a Stella because that would be TOO unfair to me! Heheh :D

I'm not THAT passionate with nail art or manicure/pedicure (Seriously, I don't even know the nail terms nail-addicts use!!) But, I do like the look of a beautifully-done manicure on my nails :D

HAHAHA. I don't have fancy schmancy names for them.

I suspect that there's something wrong with my konad stamp! I'm gonna go and buy a new stamp one of these days when I'm out!

The stamp just won't stamp (no pun intended :D) the konad prints onto my nails no matter how hard and soft I tried to stamp it on! Thus, resulting in a very messy konadicure. Boo.

Thumb's a little messy but edited pictures really do hide a lot of flaws in nails :)

ORANGE JUICE!! Orange nails?? Why not... :B

Posted this before..if any of you regular readers still remember..

CURVED! See the curved edges around the photo?? :D

I wanted all my pictures to look like this! But, it requires photoshop and waste a lot of my time. So pictures will still remain boxy and square-y. -_-

Yeah, it doesn't blend in well with the light pinkish background of my blogskin. Boo.

AND OH! OH! OH! These nails are oh-so-irresistible. ♥

How can some people be so darn talented!!

Squidward looks cute in there. EEE! Spongebob squarepants themed nails!

OH SO CUTE!! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Awesome nails you have there!

  2. omg! the spongebob nails are adorable!!! <3

  3. omg so nice, i like it!! I couldn't make nice nail arts :(

  4. omggg so nice x) can i have yr nails pls? :p

  5. omg!! that is so cute!!!

  6. OH WOW 8 mths ago! In December? And yeah, I remember that peace sign pic :D It was to show the bracelet right? I think.
    Your nails are nice too what! And hehe thanks for mentioning me, so paiseh.

  7. Nice design.. U do it yourself? where can i buy the stamp?

  8. I wanna get konad tools too!!

  9. Thank you for the warm compliments, guys :)) Really appreciate it a lot! :D

    Doris: You can find it in any nail stores...I guess :)

    LeneLene: You should! It's easy and simple to create salon-looking nails with konad.

  10. OMG, I love the owls! So cute!!! XD

  11. Lol. Cute nails but I won't ever try those. XD

  12. paint for me pls... :D

  13. omg, i love the spongebob n patrick nails. :D


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