Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't you wish your simmies were as COOL as mine?


Another Sims post! I can say I'm a HUUUUGEEE Sims fan and I really love playing them! Although it does get boring after a while...

Sims 1 was fun! The people there were really puny and not as detailed as Sims 3....but overall, still awesome! Because I love decorating the houses and all.

Sims 2......was SO much better than Sims 1...although I do prefer the decorating part in Sims 1 because it was way easier and I tend to decorate the interior a little much more nicer than the houses I decorated in Sims 2 :D

Sims far, IT'S THE BEST! Well, duh.

In movies - y'know how some movies have sequels and all like Ironman 1 and Ironman 2...well, the first movie is always the BEST! Just like The Twilight Saga! I prefer Twilight, still.

It's because in the first movie, it tells us more about the characters and the start of the story which is of course, very intriguing to all of us who's kay-po in nature!

In Sims, it's different!


Thank goodness for that! ^^

I won't elaborate much on Sims 3 since I blogged that long, long ago so here's the post if you're interested :) CLICKY CLICK ❤

I'm just gonna say - if you haven't play it, DO play it. You won't regret it! Although this isn't the perfect timing to play Sims since you know...the big E is coming - EXAMS T_T

I don't know how some people manage to create all those custom made stuff for Sims 3...I must say, they are REAL GENIUSES.

Cause I totally have no idea how to create all that hair mesh, hairstyle, mods and all those "Sim-related" stuff.

Mods are basically like hacks in the games which is sooooooo cool!! In Sims, I always have this very dirty thought to make an adult Sim and a teenager Sim to get together but, it's not possible and it WILL never work -_-

NOW, YOU CAN! :D (Man, I'm like advertising but I'm not, really)

WITH MODS!! Mods are truly a life saviour for every Sims addict! I'm neutral. Not an addict and not a hater. :D Hehehe!

You can adjust the hip size, breast size etc for your female short, you can make you female Sims more sexier!

Sorry, there are no mods which can make a guy look *coff* sexy. Hopefully *for you girls or guys* there will be a mod for that :)



It's sort of like a Sim story...except it's way, way shorter....sort of like a comic! :D


Ain't he cute??? I bet he makes all skeletons look cute :D

So, the story started off with Mr.Skellyton up to some monkey mischief...again. OH NO!

So, who else do we call for help??

The superhero *coff* super heroine of the neighbourhood, SAILORMOON!! ♥ (I used to love to watch Sailormoon!)

Sailormoon rushes to the scene of the crime.....

And she faces a big disappointment.

Well, that's Sailormoon's life - saving the whole neighbourhood from the lurking of evil people!

Moving off to another

VAMPIRY, the evil yet seductively beautiful vampire lady!

We will come back to her part later (while she's busy searching for "friends" - introducing yet another cool simmy of MINE! :D


He's so cool that he can activate lasers

WAHHHHHH! *puts on sunglasses as if I'm facing him in real life*

Oh. He can teleport too!

AWESOME!! NO? *slaps your face if you answered no* Yes, right. :D

Some little kid seems to be disturbed...where's Sailormoon when the neighbourhood needs her desperately?!?

Meet Lizardo.

She's well, lizard-y. And loves to eat anything she can get her hands on - excluding humans.

Meanwhile, Vampiry spotted her "best friend"....and off she say HI to her "best-friend"

Such tremendous affection between them... :')

Ahhh, if guys can play rough, so CAN GIRLS!! They're not fighting okay! They're just playing :D

Both of em' are still little girls at heart. *clue*

YES! Bye-bye my friends :))

I know this story is super lame...oh well, I had fun creating all these characters and naming them :)

Custom-made stuff for Sims word. AWESOME! \m/

Love reigns


  1. I remembered when I used to cheat to have more money so that i can build a nicer house for my sims lol that was like years ago! Cant wait to play sims3 after getting my new lappy :]

  2. Long time did not play sim .... wow they come out with such an interesting game lately !

  3. One thing I don't like about Sims is its gibberish dunno-what-the-hell-they're-trying-to-say language.XD

  4. Wow this game is really cute! :D My fav game is Zuma Deluxe.

  5. Erm..i lived in Sim 1 era~ i didnt know sim 3 is so COOL!

  6. long lost addiction!!!

  7. Ohhh, I love Sims ! Sims 1 wasn't detailed but I have to agree, it's fun. I've never played Sims 3 yet. It looks so good in the pictures. I might try one day, day :D.

    Does the old sims cheats still work ?

    I remember the cheat to get more money in Sims 1 was something like !;!;!;!;!;

    Makes me laugh everytime.

  8. wow u must have gone through lots of pain to come up with all those snapshots!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  9. So pictures are so nice! The first girl is pretty...


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