Monday, July 05, 2010

"The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse."


I'm currently using Google Chrome and it's so OHMYGOSH FAST! HAHAHA. Yes, I'm very loyal to Internet Explorer and has been using it since I was Form 1. Never used Mozilla Firefox (only to check if my skin looks fine in FF) or Safari.

Tsk. Internet Explorer sucks. The only reason I use IE all the time is because I'm too "friendly" with it, which basically means I'm TOO used to clicking on the IE browser instead of Google Chrome. It's almost the same as my daily internet routine!

I go in Twitter first, then to my blog and lastly, Facebook.

SEE! It never changes.

I do hope it's something like this though - Twitter, log off. Study.


Back to the main topic I want to blog about which is none other than - ECLIPSE!

OH! I'm warning you lovely people. So for those who haven't watched Eclipse yet and intend to, just stay away from this post.

Actually, it's not that much of a spoiler, it's just my personal review on the movie. So? Whachu think? Stay or not stay? Hmm. Even if I ask you to exit my blog, you wouldn't so...whatever.

Most people who come in my blog would probably have noticed that big Nuffnang button on the right side of my blog.

Like I said in this Edward Cullen vs Jacob Black post, I wanted to join that contest SO BADLY!! And so, I sent Nuffnang a comment to see if it was creative enough to bag me two tickets to watch the premiere of Eclipse in Malaysia, KL when in fact, I'm in Brunei, LIKE right now. -_-

But, tut-tut, I will have to wait till the 7th of July to watch Eclipse in Malaysia whereas Brunei starts premiering on 1st July so no loss :D (Got..$8.50 T_T)

And so, I submitted my comment on whether I preferred Edward Cullen or Jacob Black to Nuffnang under the Eclipse post thinking that it wouldn't be possible for them to like my comment since there were 372 comments for them to choose from :O

BUT. I was wrong.

THEY PICKED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! This may sound really bimbo BUT I am so happy that I won something :') with my own creativity! In case you're wondering how my comment's like, you can always read my post clicky click. It's almost the same, except the comment I sent to Nuffnang is a summarized version.

I could not believe my luck!



Out of 372 freaking comments, I was one of the lucky 50 winners T______T

How suay for me to be in Brunei at that time...*sniff*

*throws confetti* Highlight the "You are cordially INVITED"

I couldn't go so I sent an email to Nuffnang telling them I had to skip this wonderful event - To think that I can meet new people and be friends with them from this event!

Never mind, I will join this contest another time - there's still time for Breaking Dawn! WOOHOO! :D

I'm not a CRAZY Twilight fan by the way. I love the Twilight Saga, but I'm not obsessed over it. The books are really good. If you haven't read them, you should.

Oh, and if you think they are not, just keep it to yourself okay :) I respect the fact that everyone's tastes are different so there.

HAHA! This comment is HILARIOUS! Double click.

HAHA! For some reason..that's a really creative comment. I hope she wins.

ALRIGHT-Y. Back to Eclipse, the movie.

At first, I thought it was nice. After I think about it again and again...I have my doubts.

You have to REALLY read the book to like this movie. If you don't, you probably don't get it anyway. Because, it's true that the intimate conversations between Bella and Edward is not very "interesting" and the fact that the movie is really fast-paced.

They skipped a LOT of parts in the movie.

I am so devastated (not that kua-zhang, maybe upset) that they did not make Jacob say this line in the movie. OMG! THAT'S LIKE HIS MOTTO OKAY! And one of the important quotes in Eclipse! T_T

"I used to think of you that way, you know. Like the sun. My personal sun. You balanced out the clouds nicely for me." - Bella.

Jacob sighed. "The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse."

SEE?? THE KEYWORD IS ECLIPSE! Why do you think the book is named "Eclipse"?? I can't believe that they missed out such an important line.

And there's a lot more in the book that they missed. The conversations were really short and they fast-forwarded a lot of parts.

I won't say it all here. You will just have to watch the movie yourself to find it out. But, I will be honest. It's a not-bad movie.

But I love Twilight a lot more. I still do. Even though people say it's bad or boring, I don't care - I love it! It's so romantic! ^^ The conversations between Edward and Bella were so cute and intimate! Plus, the soundtrack is awesome!

The soundtrack in Eclipse is GREAT TOO! Better than New Moon, indefinitely.

I don't know who these little people are, below Victoria and Riley..

I didn't even see them acting in the movie o_O

Victoria - She's portrayed by someone else! I want the old Victoria back! Protest. She looks too angelic to kill someone, plus, I can't feel the hatred she has on Bella or Edward because it's just NOT the same "Victoria" who loves James endlessly in New Moon and Twilight :(

The highlight of the movie was none other than - JASPER CULLEN!

I'M SO SO SO SORRY to all Jasper Cullen's fans. Don't worry. I don't think he's bad looking. He's actually quite handsome. BUT....

Nice hair in Twilight and New Moon...



What happened to his hair in Eclipse? *gasps in horror* Short and curly SO does not suit him.

When I saw him in Eclipse, I LITERALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD!! It is...that. bad.

From far, hmm, not bad. But when it's a close up shot of his face, damn! You can see his tight curls so clearly against his stoned face expression!

Change is good, Jasper, but not till curly-curly bah T_T

SEE! So much more good looking and younger. That hair makes him look spastic and plastic. WOW! It rhymes!

Even after I watched "Eclipse", I still LOVE Robert Pattinson's character, Edward Cullen! ❤

But to be fair to Jacob's fans, I will post a nice-looking picture of him for you guys :)

"Wanna ride with me, baby?"

**imagine* a lot of girls squealing over him now* -_-

These whole lot of pictures coming up are taken using Michums's DSLR!

When all the shops in Mall are closed and you have nothing to do - GO KERAZEE!! - Lilian

I can have the best of both worlds. Guys and girls, be jealous. Guys - because I touched Bella's chest. And girls, because, I felt Edward's hairy chest that someone dislike. -_-

Poor Jacob :P I forgot about him bah!

Those are the kind of eyelashes I wanna have! :D

Wahseh. My eyes cannot be called small anymore. This is NOT SMALL. This is something like, "Where the hell did my eyes go?"

But Edward says, "It's okay. I love girls with small eyes. I have big eyes. You have small eyes. Opposites attract." ^_^

HAHAHAHA! Let me be silly in this blog post ok :P

*muacks* cause Edward is being such a darling to me that night!

For all those who insulted Edward and chose Jacob over him, this is for YOU! *tsk* tsk*

JUST KIDDING! I don't hate Jacob, no worries. I just prefer Edward Cullen's character MORE.

Jacob is cute in his own way - but, Bella is not the ONE for him.

Oh ya. We were watching in Cinema 3 that night and the people in the cinema were SO DEAD. So unresponsive. No one clapped or whistle or go "wooooo" when Edward or Jacob OR JASPER :P appeared. -_-

Compared to the hot response in Cinema 1 we got last year when we were watching New Moon, this is like...nothing.

Be sporting, okay! I clapped in the movie even though I really, really hate it when people do that. HAHAHA.

Kissing scenes - quiet. Fighting scenes - also quiet. Proposal scene - VERY QUIET.


ALAMAK! Where's your Twilight spirit, yo?


  1. Nice..My funny special for u..don’t forget to laugh ya Check Here

  2. buey tahan *in hokkien*

    im anti-vampires one!

  3. i don't really like the movies. Bella seems soo stiff. The books are good though. and i think Jacob is way way hotter than Edward :P

  4. Argh! The bloody vampire XD

  5. haha u're one cute twilight fan aren't you. too bad i never watched any twilight movies or read it books before.

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  6. Hilda Milda: Thanks! :D

    MsXeRozNicole: HAHAHA! WHY? :( I LAV VAMPIRES!

    nn: The movies are not bad, especially Twilight. Bella's okay in the movies. I think her character's suppose to be like that in the movies. HAHA! You can like your Jacob and I can like my Edward, deal? :D

    Vin Tsen Gan: HAHA! BLOODY is right. Well, he hunts blood for a living, right? :P

  7. LOL I seriously laughed like shit at the pic where you're digging Jacob's nose! XD Won't comment anything else cause as you know, not a big fan of Twilight...


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