Sunday, June 13, 2010

I wish it was forever


For once, I am SO happy that I don't have to blog about outings and events. Sure, it's fun to blog about those interesting events and stuff, but it gets really irritating when I have to do it all the time. Recently, most of my blog posts are about outings!! (and hint: vain pictures)

Anyway, Tumblr inspires me a LOT! Each day, I go in my dashboard, I see a number of beautiful posts that I want to reblog and reblog and reblog. But, obviously, I can't reblog so many of them in one go, right?

So, I chose to do it one by one :) Then, I thought...why not blogger? It's a nice place where I can post and share ALL the quotes that inspires me from day to day!

Quotes are amazing. It summarizes how you feel in a phrase that is simple yet understanding when you have a million things that describes how you feel at the moment yet you do not know how to explain it in words.

That's why we have quotes!

(I know that my grammar and vocab is not good and sometimes, I'm not happy with the way I type because I can't seem to express them well enough in words which explains why I suck in explaining important events)

Psst, for me; I think IT IS SO ANNOYING when people choose to let Tumblr post a new update on Twitter whenever they reblog a post or something!! It's fine if you do it once in a while like maybe twice or thrice a day..but some people do it 5 or more times a day T_T

It fills up my whole twitter page!! Pfft.

Words ♥

(I know there are a lot of lovey dovey excuse me..because I'm kinda feeling that way now ♥)

The third one is cute! HAHA!

I'm that admirer :)))

Makes sense.

Not in a bad kind of way.

I remind myself of this each time I'm having a really bad day..

This is so true..♥

I would love to have this tattoo on my back! HEHEHEHEH (looks like a marker pen ink, eh!)

CUTE TEE!! This reminds me of my emotions tee! OH! I bought one again today! Domokun!! ^.^
♥ ♥ ♥
This reminds camera obsession! Yep! I'm in love with a camera! That. is. possible. C''s love at first sight, I swear..

Okay, one last random picture..

Hmm..I have MORE of this quotes and no worries, it's not lovey dovey but inspirational ones...will blog more on that next time!

I swear..there's a LOOOOOOOOOOT!! Muahahaha I love quotes. Always fresh and never overrated. Same repeated love quotes are excluded..

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