Thursday, June 03, 2010


And so, today is the last day of the 2nd term and the start of the school holidays!! Well, technically, holidays start tomorrow but I officially declare that today's the start of holidays, for me! :D

Yesterday, SAS celebrated "Friendship Day" which was SO fun! I haven't had that much fun in ages! It was awesome seeing people decked out in different costumes ranging from a kimono to a cheongsam!!

Those who joined in were real sports! Of course, it was sad that some people didn't join in...

We(Sabena, Sandy and me) made s'mores for the class party!

Just in case some of you don't know what s'mores are, it is a sweet delicacy that consists of graham crackers with melted chocolate and marshmellow! :) Although, the filling was already hard when I brought it to school.

It tastes MUCH, MUCH better when the chocolate and marshmellow is all warm and gooey!

The process was really messy and I hope those who ate it don't have any tummy pains or whatsoever. Hehehe...

Should I go into details? :) O yes, I should..

Before Sab and Sandy came, I was busy chopping up the ingredients...and taking pictures..of the stuff. (Not me, duh)

I had a lot of fun chopping up the ingredients, melting the warm chocolate and marshmellows...

Who knew work could be THAT fun?? :D

Lots and lots of colourful marshmellows!! Or should I say..a mountain of colourful marshmellow..*ahh*

Chopping the chocolate bars..requires a huge arsed butcher knife

I always have this illusion in my mind that most butchers have a pig-face, literally, because in children storybooks, the pigs are always the butchers, NO??

The irony...especially when they're chopping up their own meat!

Chocolate graham crackers!

Melty marshmellow *slurps* :9

And when everything is completed...

The final product! HELLO, my baby s'more!

Okay, the so-called s'mores may not look 100% like the original s'mores but it's made with ♥

Besides, I didn't even use an oven (when the recipe requires one) because I don't own one. Sukballs man. That's why I don't bake. When you don't have an oven, you can't bake. Sukballs x2.

Sabena modelling with one of the s'mores.

Taste-time! We tasted the laubeh looking crackers; the ones that were cracked and looked very hideous in appearance...

I ♥ this pic, don't you? ;)

Like a lil' girl happily eating a lollipop!

More pics of s'mores because I am jobless like that:

:D YEY!!

May not taste that good but I'm satisfied with it.

Friendship Day....of course I will blog about it...

IN THE NEXT POST! MUAHAHAHAHA! I bet most of you thought I would blog about it WITH pictures by now but nah, it's a hassle to upload the pictures...40+ of them, you know?? Or was it 50?

See..this requires a lil' more time...:)

Anyway, I feel so free these few days! Without exams, life's much more enjoyable..

Too bad there are still extra classes and tuitions to attend which really sucks. Oh well, it's better than having no holidays at all!

P/s: My blog title is "Saranghaeyo" in Korean which means "I love you" in english :D

P/ps: Very in a korean mood after wearing a Hanbok yesterday!!

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