Friday, June 11, 2010

Rainbow + cute face = Happy me

s, IPICTURES again!!

It's been quite a while since I wrote a blog post filled with words instead of never-ending vainarse pictures. But as they say, pictures make a blog more colourful..:)

And so, to make my blog less picture-y, I decided to write a little on my thoughts..some very, very random thoughts.

So my random thoughts for the time being are:

1) Why do people say FML when it's not even THAT fml?? (Oh, please don't hate me for this)

For example, if they dropped their pencil on the floor of an exam room and suddenly, everyone stops to look at them. FML.

Their phone goes out of battery. FML.

Is it really that

Unless it's something serious like, OMG! I lost my phone. FML. Oh yeah. That is definitely a F.M.L.

2)Writing a blog post with a hungry stomach is very uncomfortable and un-fun. T_T

3) Elwin is OH-SO-CUTE! He's my baby cousin and I ♥ him!! I've got lots of pictures of him...and they're all so adorably kawaii! I'm gonna post them up sooner or later! Baby pictures are always a huge welcome!

Now that reminds me...why do you think advertising companies always like to cast younger kids to introduce their products? It's because kids are oh-so-cute and it's always refreshing to see a little kid able to talk and act so well, right?

Well, that's what I think.

P/S: Sometimes, I think it's overrated. :p

Went out with Sandy last Saturday to buy Sabby's present...and so here it goes..

Two girls + a camera = lots and lots of vain pictures!!

Starting the picture post with a picture of me!!

My mum questioned me on my shirt. -_-

She said: Why wear such a fierce shirt when you're so timid inside??

Being the typical teenager I am, I will answer back, "'s cool."

HAHAAHAHAHA! No la, it's cause I love it. ♥ It makes me feel powerful, in a way.

Someone was hungry..and so, we went to Swensens! I love love love love their food soooo much! (Triple ♥'s) I only wished it was cheaper. It's really too expensive compared to other eateries.

For 5 pieces of golden prawns = $7.20 T_T very xim tiam for a miser girl like me...

RAWRR! I wonder how nice if I get to try this dish one day!!

PRAWNS ALA KING!!! *drools* JKJK. I don't even know the name of the dish..

Sandy is SO desperate for some chocolatey goodness till she decided to lick the page of the menu because she simply cannot stand the temptation. :O

In the end, she settled for Penne Arriabiata! Delicious and affordable. (As I said, writing a food blog post with an empty stomach is very un-fulfilling)

Mwahs! She ♥ her penne!


I was bored of smiling normally all the time in pictures..

(You gotta admit, the same smile each time in pictures is really boring unless you're taking it in a different place then, it's acceptable)

And so I asked Sandy to do what every chinese girl does in pictures: POSE CUTE!!

Well, mine isn''t-know-what pose is that!!

Blur, BUT NICE! :D

HAHAHAHA! Look at Sandy!! HILARIOUS MAX! *Enlarging eyes+puffy mouth*

I said this a million times(not literally) AND! I'm gonna say it again...

TAKE PICTURES OF CLOTHES THAT YOU DON'T BUY!! MUAHAHAHA! This is a good way to see if you really like that piece of clothing or not.

At first buy, you may not like it that much or you may like it a lot but you're not sure if you want take a pictures of it and observe it when you're at home. If you still don't like it or you don't have any special connection towards it, you can say bid adios to that piece of clothing! YEY!

Problem solved.

But, my way is = if I like it, I buy it immediately! HAHAHA! Coz I'm those type of people that if-I-don't-like-it-at-first-glance-I-don't-buy-it!!

Nope, I'm not a shopaholic! That's a good thing..I guess.

Sandy loves her top

I love the floral maxi dress ♥ but I don't like how it looks on me!

HAHAAHAHA...I ♥ this shirt! Emotions T-shirt!

YEAP! I'm feeling like this!! :D But my expression differs from the cartoon...the cartoon's eyes are way bigger.

So, I did this.

I hate this picture T_T but then, I'm posting it up because without this pic = no story to tell

Small eyes are much, much better! SMALL EYES FTW!! ♥

I'm starting to bond with my small eyes..I actually learn to love it instead of hating it...because it makes me more unique.. :)

We do lots of kerazee poses in fitting rooms. :p

I am once again a happy girl, because I bought stuff that I love! ♥

Shopping keeps me happy and it's not a good cure for sadness...but hey, you gotta admit, sometimes, shopping does buy happiness.

Those who say shopping can't buy happiness obviously don't know where to shop! HAHAHA! I mentioned this before already..but, it doesn't hurt to type it out again!!

P/s: I hope to blog more wordy posts in the little thoughts..I have plenty of them!!

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