Saturday, July 03, 2010

Oh, hello garden! ❤

I love to draw. Well, I used to love to draw. Back when I was younger, drawing was my passion. ♥

When I draw, it feels like everything around me is suddenly quiet and still - motionless and the only thing moving is my hand and the pencil I'm holding swishing across the paper creating magical artworks. :)

I could draw so many stuff ranging from portraits to landscapes...and expressed myself so well in my drawings.

But now, I can't. The only time I can express myself well is when I'm sad or bored.

When I'm sad, I draw smiley faces :)) DUH!!

I still draw but not as often as last time because my mum told me that being an artist is useless and earns very little money which kinda shattered my passion for drawing. (Yes, I wanted to be an artist when I grow up)

But still, it doesn't hurt to apply it on other MAKE-UP! :D

I really really do love artistic make-up a lot. It's so challenging, thrilling, elegant and classic. It just never gets old! :D

And so, I decided to reciprocate one on my face! I wouldn't exactly call it nice since the lines I drew were not very firm and neat but overall, I'm a happy girl! :D

I present you - my self proclaimed magical garden!

I used gel eyeliner to create the "garden" underneath my eye!

As for my eyelids, I used the eyeshadow palette Sabena and Sandy bought for me! ♥

The pigments are really strong!!

Just in case you don't know about this already, you are ON MY BLOG!! So, HOLA!

Hmm, do you guys wonder why I name my blog I also don't know why...but I will think about it and maybe, this can be a topic for me to blog about in the future!

And NO! You don't pronounce it as e-lu-syen-heart-ex you say it as e-lu-sion-harts!! Seriously! That's how I pronounce my blog's name!

I think that the "garden" underneath my eye kinda looks like a tattoo!

Oh wow! I have a tattoo. Cool.

If tattoos were pain-free, I would definitely go for it ANYTIME!! I would opt for a Hello Kitty tattoo behind my neck or maybe my back! But then, no pain, no gain. Pfft.

Oh yes, I edited the colours of the pictures to highlight the "garden"! And no, I did not and I don't photoshop my pictures 0:) (That is unless I have a disturbing pimple on my face which is super visible, then I photoshop!)

The next batch of pictures are what I call super duper crazy pictures because well, it looks crazy. My little brother laughed at them -_-

But, the "garden" stands out a lot in these pictures!!

Looks like a spider crawling out of my eye! :D

MENTAL! *finger twirling*

What's an artistic make-up without a classic black and white photo?


Yeah, I know the eyeliner line at the bottom of my eye looks a bit cacat :S


Ending this whole picture spam of ME with a last smiling picture of yours truly! :D

This eye make-up makes my eyes look smaller than usual! But, it's okay, I'm not complaining.

A good thing about eye-makeup is that, you can always use eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes look magically bigger! No joke! I usually skip the mascara because my lashes are not visible enough :( so sad.

But then, eyeliner...woah. It adds drama to your eyes, I swear!

Oh well, I guess this "garden" will look much more nicer on a nice pair of eyes equipped with a deep set of double eyelids!

Who's up for it? :D

P/S: I'm aware that some of you may think it's ugly or weird, but hey, there's no harm in trying something new :)


  1. whoa so many camwhore pics with the garden.. haha

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. Whoa, something unique I would say (: I dont even know makeup stuffs boo me and and I want a Hello Kitty Tats too, maybe on my wrist haha lame lame, I know :p

  3. Hahaha.. I tott.. Garden is 'Garden' :P
    U got me there.

  4. quite unique.. =)


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