Thursday, June 17, 2010

New skin! Fi-na-lleh!

I don't need to type much don't I?

You come in my blog and you get what you see and you know what you saw!!

Yes! I finally have a new skin for my blog ♥

It's quite simple tho if you compare it to my previous blogskin. But I like simple. It's been ages since I last have a simple blog skin.

All of my previous blogskins are super duper simple and ALWAYS the same. You know, the usual - white background, just a text as my header or prolly a simple image, etc.

And now, I'm back to simple again! A simple plan indeed. (Pun intended HAHA)

Originally, I wanted to edit the whole skin from Yummylolly ; the background, the borders, the header - EVERYTHING!!

There's no such thing as I-don't-know-how to create a blogskin! All you have to do is GOOGLE!

I love google very much now ♥ I learnt all my tricks from there. (hmm..then again, making a blogskin doesn't really require any tricks)

Heheheh! Till now, I learnt how to:

1) Make my sidebar and main bar transparent (yey ^.^V)
2) Add an image beside every title
3) Add a favicon!
4) Add an image beside the "written by.." etc (Ok, that's simple! Even one with 0 skill in blogskins can do that)
5) Basically, the simple-simple tools in editing a blogskin

I'm not a pro yet but I AIM TO BE ONE!

I know that I'm gonna get bored of this skin sooner or later... :(

When the time comes, another new skin will emerge! Maybe next time, I shall make a very complicated looking blogskin that looks something like Yummylolly's!

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