Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm going Bento-kerazee!

*Points to the title*

YEAP! Bento-making! Finally, there's something more interesting to do other than just watching tv and surfing the net/facebook-ing! :)

Or playing Burger Shop 4 T_T

I'm really addicted to online games nowadays. Especially the food-serving ones! The faster it is or the more challenging it is, the more exciting the game will be! It's like an adrenaline rush for me :D

Anyway, for those who don't know what Bento means: (Btw, I got it from a website)

Bento (written 弁当), or obento (お弁当) to use the honorific term, is the Japanese word for a meal served in a box. Beyond that basic definition though, just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used, as well as what is put inside that box.

I prefer to call it a Japanese lunch box. As simple as that :D No need any fancy schmancy obento or whatever.

I'm planning to make one for my little brother..but I shall talk less about it. Because the more I talk, the less I do. So, let's see how it goes. He told me he wants a panda shaped rice ball.


Well, I'm just gonna show you some pictures of the bento! They look so CUTE! ^.^

I'm gonna steal use their ideas for myself...heh heh heh


Look at the sheep made out of cauliflower and sausages! How cute! A super cute idea...without using any rice. (The key ingredient in bento-making seems to be rice)

Japanese people are so lucky man..they have lots of utensils needed in bento-making..the shape moulder..etc..

Does Brunei sell these kind of cute stuff?? I know they sell cute cookie cutters la..

SO ADORABLE! Can you believe those are eggs??

There's even a shape moulder for eggs?? Japanese people are damn innovative with their ideas!

Ok, no more gadgets! Moving on to super cute bentos!! It's bound to make you guys go "AHHHHH!!"/pupils dilate/moving nearer to the computer screen/jaw-dropping

*Coff* it's based on experience *coff*

RAWR! Cute tiger muffins! :))

This is especially made for Halloween...a zombified Hello Kitty!

I love hello kitty! ♥

The rest are found from Flickr:

The person making these is a Japanese herself, and she's full of lovely ideas! And she's so creative T_T

It looks so simple yet complicated. Get it??

Kimono girl *slurps*

Seriously, I think people make cute bento aka kyaraben just for the sake of admiring it. I don't even feel like eating it because it will be a waste to just see it come out as poop the next day. Pfft.

Skulls! Looks quite cute also :D HEHE!

Looks like a mouse right??

That's what I thought at first, but tut-tut, the MOUSE IS EVEN CUTER!! This is a bear, by the way.

This lil' thing reminds me of my pet in Pet Society, Pink-Polky! The mouse that is not pink but is given a name that is "pink".

I haven't touched or log in Pet Society for almost half a year already! Thank goodness the pets will still stay alive even though you don't feed or wash them.

This is a...sheep!! This is the rice version! Cute hor :D

Next up is my favourite among the lot! It's because..


Pig burger!! HAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness. I really can't bear to eat this burger T_T look at that cute pig smiling so innocently..the next thing you know, it will be chewed and crushed by the brutal force of our strong teeth!!

And what's next for it's poor life? Shallowed...digestion..and in the end, EGESTION!! (Sometimes, I think I overreact a lot sigh)

♥ ♥ ♥ *melts*

This is very nice to admire but it looks inedible.

SO CUTE! HEHEHE! A family of smiley faces! :D


Do you know why??


Hint: Paw-paw??

Have fun bento-surfing! I'm definitely making one of these someday...when I have the time, that is. Ahh! I love it when I'm super engrossed in doing something..but then, it usually does not last long... :(



  1. oh...so cute...those bento and the egg...love it love it..

  2. I'll feel kinda sad eating one of those... DX Really cute! Japanese people really set a whole new standard for cuteness in everything they come up with. XD

  3. @v!vi@n : Yeap! Super kawaii! :D

    @Joyce C. : IKR! Japanese people invent so many cute stuff ranging from bows to clothes and now, cute bentos! EE! <3

  4. can you make 1 for me too?? :P


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