Sunday, June 06, 2010

Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship day pictures!!

Finally, I'm done uploading ALL of them! Took me a total of 2 hours, excluding the time taken to edit and resize them. But all's good, because I enjoy work. And I do consider blogging a work! A productive FUN work indeed.

Hehehe..I'm sure most of you knew what costume I was donning..

안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo!! (This sounds like a name..Ann Yeong Ha Se Yo)

저는 Lilian 이에요! :D

HAHAHA! Do excuse me, the korean fan-fest is still not over for me yet!

Yep! I came in a hanbok! Thankyou, once again for lending it to me, Sharlyn! :)

Initially, I wanted to come in a pink coloured punjabi but then, a Hanbok is a much, much better choice for me because OMG!! OMG!!

*Bimbo moment* I have watched SO SO SO many korean tv series with my mama and see so so many hanboks around.. *end of bimbo moment*

HAHA. Kidding. Each time I'm unhappy with my small eyes, I remind myself how lucky I am to have small eyes because it is the epitome of KOREAN PEOPLE!!


SO, obviously, I chose to wear a hanbok because I want to look like a korean \m/ Small eyes ftw!! And because, it suits small eyes BEST!! HOOHOO!

Ok, it suits everybody but don't burst my bubble. I'm having fun making my own rules.

I'm sorry to say this but...this post will be filled with Korean words which will prolly leave you guys in a big headache because you guys don't know the meaning of these words or you're just sick of pinyin looking words. Hehehe.

Pearl complained that I'm too tall for her in this picture!

Being the usual nice person I am, I bent down for her! And because it's Friendship Day! Spread the love ♥ 사랑해요 like my blog title! ^^

Meithing...please don't kill me for this..but I couldn't resist it! You LOOK TOO much like a mouse so I made you one. 0:)

Choe-song-ham-ni-da!! 죄송합니다!!

Sabena looks so smexay in a Punjabi! She makes punjabi suits look GOOD!!

*muacks* ♥

Sharlyn looking gorgeous in a Sari!! Matching green shoes too! How 귀여워! (cute heheh bet I'm driving you guys insane! But what to's my blog!)

I stand out in a sea of blackies!

Colourful national outfits!!

Michee as a Vietnamese, Stella as a Nyonya and Marchums as a Japanese! Konichiwa!

Take 2!! Further a bit..coz the photographer can't stand bright colours.

Hello China!! We all looked so lav..

Ok, this is gonna be really lame but I'm just trying to brighten things up a little here..heh..

Kenny: Hey, Darren..wanna sneak out to the garden?
Darren: We better keep quiet cause we're dead if they knew..

Me: GOTCHA!! MUAHAHA! What are you guys up to ey??

Kenny: Uh, nothing. *whispers to Darren* Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess!
Darren: *tries to cover his face up from my paparazzi shots*

HAHAHAHAHAAH I know it's super lame...*sigh* :) Can you guess the lyrics? It's super easy!

Vincent looking really happy because he found his Juliet! *Another hint*

Sabena says "Vanakam!"

Looking like a real princess with a stunning gold coloured head accessory..

Even Koreans sometimes feel like rockstars deep down inside \m/

Brenda! Or should I say it in a more friendly way...BRANDY/BRENDY!!! :D

Music don't make my world go round..Brenda is the one that makes my world go round...hehehehe *hint hint*

Poor Shieeli..I have been traumatizing most of the people who took pictures with me to do the scissors pose aka the act-cute pose ^_^V

It's a trademark for korean girls out there! And not to forget, Japanese girls too..

Looks like someone isn't respecting *coff* the golden scissors *coff* pose eh...

She prefers to smile!! Pfft

귀여워?? :D HAHAHA please don't kill me..

A ♥ for you and for me!

Aiyo..never-ending 귀여워 poses!!

Wow! What made Vincent to open sesame his mouth??

As usual...the guys so called squash-that-boy game... Why do guys love doing this huh? I don't get it man.. 전혀 모르겠어요..

Jia pin looking adorable! :D HEHEHE. I'm so annoying that I kept on taking pics of her non-stop! I swore I took about 5 pictures of her with the same pose, just like this one!

Poor her..I bet she was thinking, "CB..want to eat food also cannot..chao la" But then, she also looks like a korean so she has no choice; you have to respect your own people right? :D

Pearl: Want to know why am I so kawaii/귀여워??

That's because I eat...Lilian's s'mores...once you take a bite out of it..


So, congrats to those who have had a taste of my s'mores! You immediately look cute or maybe, CUTER! WOOHOO!

Negative side will turn sexy.

Not bad lo. You can either look cute or sexy. No loss!

You know what this reminds me of??


Don't we look like a gangsta clan or something?? HAHAHA! Of course I am the wife *coff*

My two bodyguards who will protect me wherever I go although I don't need any protection since I'm tough enough because, remember? My wife is a gangster ;)

But deep down inside, gangsters are just like humans too, like humans, they are soft...and so, they turn super 귀여워!!

Our class mama, Miss Ong!

Oh my...why do I look so round and stubby here ey?? :(

*Flying kiss to Michee*

*Start of dramarama*

*2nd flying kiss to Marchums*

Michee: Why did you betray me? You two-timer!! I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget! *kicks*

Maria: NO LILI! I will protect you!!

*End of dramarama*

And off we went to the hall to see the performances!! :)

The performances were great and it was SO much better than Talentine, no doubt. I even get to participate in the concert myself! YEAY!

We, 5s2, sang "We are the World" and it's awesome to see most of the people in the hall standing up and swinging their hands high from left to right or vice versa singing along with us!

I was damn hyper that day so I sang along to most of the songs performed that day! Fun times :D

Molly and me, both in a Hanbok!

My baobei feeling very comfy, duh, coz she's lying on me! :D

Another shot with Mar-mar!!

Khai, looking very reluctant to take a picture with me..hmph..

YEP! I changed back to casual wear coz...I'm sweating like kerazee in the hanbok, no joke. Sure, I looked really normal and calm in the pictures, but inside, I'm DYING!!

It was so hot and not to forget, I was wearing three layers! A singlet inside, the dress - 2nd layer and last of all, the jacket - 3rd layer!

In school again! Imagine the HEAT!! I'm having my own sauna party in a hanbok -_-''

And it's really funny when people ask me, "Is it hot in there?" Because, damn! Isn't it obvious?? I'm sweating like a pig, my hair is sticky and my forehead leaks non-stop!

Maria asked me to answer them back sarcastically like: "NOT AT ALL! It's like NorthPole in here!" HILARIOUS!

Finally, khai-boy is feeling a little more relaxed now that there's another girl by his side...OR IS IT COZ YOU DONT WANT ME? T.T

No la, he just misses my korean look! Hehe 귀여워!

Kian Eng, the emcee yo! Don't mess!

Why does Izzudin look so unhappy in this picture ey??

Peel Fresh apple juice makes Michee KUNDUR!! (aka Horny-looking) HAHA. Jk. Well, her expression..was kinda horny looking.

And eating Ruffles makes you...STRONG..and very, very wrong...because..of


What the HELL are you doing, Justin?? I feel so violated T_T, molested... T_T *hides at the corner and sobs for 15 minutes*

Back. I swear I will slam this pic onto his face the next time I see him. Hmph.

Doesn't mean I'm "Little Miss Shy" means that I won't do anything about it! I'm not that easily bullied! HARUMPH! And..there are some people who commented on my shirt..

"Little Miss Shy meh? Not shy at ALL!" Hey, hey, hey...I am shy, if you don't know me that well. Hehe. I only open up to people who I'm good friends with or maybe normal friends. It depends. :)

Me, looking very happy of course! Cause I'm surrounded by gorgeous looking ladies who were the dancers for the 3-in-1 song! Like teh-tarik! :D

Me is happy that I can bring home an empty tray :D

It's kinda humiliating to bring back a tray full of goodies that have not been touched or maybe only 1/4 is gone..

SEE! Told you eating s'mores makes you look cuter! :D

Michee: Will I weally turn cuter than I am before, Lili??

S'mores...great to share among friends...♥ Spot the love??

This concludes the "Friendship Day" post! I definitely had a lot of fun writing this entire post..although it is kinda tiring to keep on pasting the korean words all over again..

For those that don't get the korean words...GOOGLE! DUH. Google is the best place for answers. Just type in a question and the answer comes out in like, a few seconds?? Or maybe 1 sec.

I love Google! ♥

P/s: Friendship Day is really one memorable event...I had so much fun..and I'm glad I took lots of pictures on the day itself. Definitely a day to remember :)


  1. nice..everyone wearing cultural clothes...

  2. you all wore these to school? so cool.. i never experienced this back then.. =P

  3. wow.. how come my school never had all these event before geh... sure is fun!

  4. something like dress down day at work!

    Supporting your blog.


  5. I didnt know school celebrates friendship day! :p and and where did your friends got all those national costumes? damn nice :D

  6. @v!v!@n: YEP! We all looked so colourful!

    kenwooi: We do this every year in school actually..something the Parents Teachers Association came up with! :D

    Lukey Cher Hong: was so much fun since it was our last year in high school!

    Meoramri: HAHA...yes :D

    Hilda Milda: YEA! We Brunei and only in our school I guess other than those international schools :p Hmm, I got this hanbok from my friends - some of them made it themselves, some borrowed them from teachers...and some of them got those costumes passed down from generations :)

  7. Anonymous1:09 AM

    it was indeed enjoy with pals....
    be like that....
    God Bless you..........


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