Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Football & fairytales?

Maybe...from now on, in each blog post, I shall post a quote that I ♥ .

It brightens the whole blog and lifts up my mood each time I come into my blog. :)

Anyway, I just watched Aladdin and you know what? Old disney movies never fail to amaze me. The story is beautiful even though it's cliché.

The whole Guy-meets-girl for the first time-Fall in love-Bad guy in the way-Fight off the bad guy-Together forever-routine..

Not to forget, love songs in between!! Woohoo! Just beautiful :') I love disney sooo much! It tells us that:

Dreams do come true.

Miracles can happen.

Fairytales are possible.

So what if I'm simple minded and dumb to believe this whole so-called shit? Perhaps, it's because I never really got my heart broken.

A lot of people don't believe in these stuff...

It may be a good or a bad thing that I actually believe in these..I even believe in love at first sight! Why is that not possible?? (*coff* true love not counted)

That's what happenned in disney movies! (Ok, maybe I'm really too superficial to believe this stuff but it can happen only if you believe it will) And OH! TITANIC!! It took the guy two days or less to fall in love with the girl! If you cried for titanic, then you *HO-HO-HO* are so welcome to the I-believe-in-this-whole-love-at-first-sight concept.

I know, I know..you gotta know a person well enough to fall in love with his/her personality..and the person itself.

If you fall in love at first sight, it's always based on looks...etc. It's a lust. Infatuation.

Hmm..let's see first.. if it really happened to me, I shall spread the news! :))

Okay, moving on to another topic...


DUH! Unless you have been living under a rock like Patrick in Spongebob squarepants..hehe


Who sez girls don't watch football huh???

Who sez girls can't enjoy football huh??

Who sez girls can't LOVE football huh??

In most cases, girls ♥ football because of the good looking football players (in my mama's case: the coach) involved. Well, it got me addicted too when I saw Frank Lampard playing for England 4 years ago! HAHAHAH! 2006! Where did the time go??

Even Mar-mar, the good ol' church girl is interested in football!! TSK TSK!

Just in case you guys have NO clue who we are talking about..

Please welcome Yoann Gourcuff! The french-man.

He's running to me! Isn't he?? *gasp and then faints*


I'm still loyal to Frank Lampard :D I'm a very loyal person if you are wondering 0:D

I know I know...he's old. Don't remind me. There's just something so innocent about his face ^.^

Have fun watching FIFA world cup 2010 boys....and girls. ;)

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