Monday, June 28, 2010

England, you disappoint me =(

I can't be considered a hardcore football fan, but I can say I kinda like watching and talking about it! :D

The boy-ish side of me - I love football! Okay la, not that kua-zhang, but it's interesting to watch 11 men chasing after a ball!

So the reasons why I kinda-like-watching soccer or is it football?

1) Mainly because of a footballer I like :)

2) I LOVE IT when they fight!

The situation gets so intense when they do! Hoo-hoo! Guys pushing one another(which is relatively common) and if you're lucky enough, you get to see them slap one another which is really hilarious considering that they're so manly and all :D

3) You get to support your own country!

Brunei and Malaysia are not playing so I'm supporting my own race instead! ASIANS FTW! Eh, don't look down on Asians okay, especially when you're an Asian yourself...because JAPAN is in the top 16! Not bad, ey??

But then, don't be like Meithing who have no idea what FIFA world cup is about.

Meithing: So, they play for their own country?
Me: Ye-ahhh...didn't you know that? *curious face*
Meithing: Is it? I didn't know that..I thought they can choose to play whichever country they want to...
Me: OMG.. *tells Jiapin about it* This is someone who's totally clueless about football!

Isn't it obvious? WORLD CUP! The keyword is: WORLD! DU-H! HAHAH! Just one of her bimbo moments.

4) The feeling of "GOOOOOOALLLLLL" when your favourite country or the country that you bet on , SCORES!

Trust me, you will love that feeling.

I was so disappointed with England yesterday. Even though I knew Germany can and will beat England, I still wanna support England because of Frank Lampard.

But, they were playing so bad! Not just bad, it's SO BAD till you can't even bear to watch!

They have like the best players in the team - Steven Gerrard, John Terry, Wayne Rooney...what's happening to them?

The defenders and the goalkeeper - what the hell were they doing?? The goalkeeper sucks to the max, seriously.


Compared to Germany's goalkeeper, England's goalkeeper is just like an..ant that you can squash easily. And Germany's goalkeeper is an elephant! See the difference?

When the ball is going left, England's goalkeeper is moving to the right?!? I mean, it's okay, so he made the wrong prediction...big deal but still!! He's slow in everything!

Especially when the Germany players tried to score, did you see how slow he was moving?!? The ball zoomed past him already and he's still in his own fantasy world! I swear that Germany could even score 6 or 7 if they could only aim accurately! See how easy it is for Germany to score?

The defenders. They S-U-C-K! They were also moving in snail-speed! SOOOOO sloooooooow that I could pronounce the word slooooooooooow and when I'm done, the ball would still be ahead of them. -_-

I expected England to be behind by just one point but instead it's 4-1! (Actually, England is supposed to have 2 points but then the referree didn't see the goal shot by Frank Lampard which caused quite a controversy between the referree and the players)

Not 4-3 or 4-2 but 4-1!! Considering that both of them are actually very strong teams, they should at least score something like that! See the scores of the match between Brazil and Portugal? I love it. 0-0!

Strong teams vs. Strong teams - 0-0

In England vs. Germany's case which is strong team vs strong team - 4-1

AIYO! I can complain about England's loss for the whole day and not get tired of it!! (which I actually did - in school hehe) T_T But then, I feel sorry for Frank Lampard! It's okay, you can always play for Chelsea - you know I will always support Chelsea hor? *puppy eyes + angelic face*

I still have more to complain but then, I'm lazy to whine already! Heheh...

Who do you think will be the champion of the FIFA world cup 2010?

For me, I would pick either Brazil or Argentina! ^_^

Why not Japan? From what I saw, they're really good. :)


  1. Nice....i got latest too, kinda real Good Idea

  2. keeper's okay. The player's defences la. David James played well against Slovenia. All haywired up this match.

    Forget England. ARGENTINA!!!!!!! xD

  3. well.. what to do.. england not good enough.. and i came up with a few reasons why england crashed out.. =P

  4. @suhaisweet thanks! :)

    @Victor Tan How can he be okay T_T seriously, he was so SLOOOOOW yesterday and tidak canggih compared to Germany's goalkeeper!

    Yeah! ARGENTINA! MESSI 0:)

    kenwooi: HAHA! That post is awesome man! Most of the reasons you listed out are really true :D

  5. I missed out that match. FIFA rocks!

  6. England's a flop this year, I'll support Argen.... but Messi is still a little messy....


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