Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner @Swensen's

WOOHOO!! This calls for another food-food post typed by a food lover like me! :)

I'm starting to have this habit of taking a picture of every dish placed in front of me! Last time was fine. I would just gawk at it for a long time and then, savour it.

It's a must-thing for us bloggers :D I joined Nuffnang not long ago and I'm having SO much fun being a nuffnang-er! Everything about it is just so attractive. I get to see like who LITERALLY viewed my blog, from where, the stats etc! It's just like a statcounter, except better.

Anyway, I shall move on to pictures now! I haven't been posting up ANY of my pictures lately so I'm glad I'm doing it now. How do you like event-free blog posts? My blog is totally event-free now. Heheh.

I kinda like the fact that I'm blogging about random stuff that's going on in my mind. It's ALL about my interest, which some of you may find it boring, but long as I like it, why bother? :)

O'levels are coming in three more months *trembles in fear* And I have not even started studying YET! I'm gonna start hardcore-studying on 1st July 2010. :X I hope I can try to avoid the temptations...*hint: internet*

My youngest brother turned 8 this year! :)

I now know how a good cake tastes like and it's texture :P It's fluffy! Om nom nom!

Hehehe..narcissism is every girl's favourite past-time...(and maybe for some guys too)

P/S: I apologize for there are some dishes whose names I cannot recall!

Caeser's salad.

Kiddy's meal. It figures. :P The portions are so small..and the drink too! Everything about it is kiddy.

Kiddy meals are SO NOT worth it. Pfft. $6+ for such a small portion of food.

My dish! Hot and Spicy Baked rice!

Now, this is MORE worth it. :D

I don't remember what's the name of this dish..hmm..

My bro's kiddy meal - Spagetti Bolognaise

Okay, this is not so bad for 6 bucks since most of the pasta there cost about $10-15!

I am HAPPY that I have icecream to eat! Creamy chocolate ♥

I also don't remember the name of this dish..Fireworks something..something..

Well, it looks like a banana-split to me but then, I'm certain that isn't the name of the dish.

When no one's looking....GO KERAZEEEEEEE! -Lilian

oooOOOOoooooo ice cream!

*curiosity killed the cat*

That's about it. I still have LOADS of pictures to post up but I'll do it next time. I don't really like cramming another entirely different topic together with this kind of's so weird. :/

However, 3-in-1 teh tarik and 2-in-1 nescafe posts are FIIIIINE! ^^v


  1. Actually I was attracted by your bro's kiddy meal LOL.

  2. is narcissism the same with being vain? =)

  3. jfook: HAHAHA! Seriously. But the portions are so little!

    kenwooi: absolutely :) narcissism means vanity.

  4. Anonymous5:02 PM

    the cake looks cute.. :D


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