Friday, May 28, 2010

My dream job

My dream job is to become a...

Travel show host.

In my opinion, it's the BEST JOB ever! Of course, every job has its ups and downs, including being a Sultan.

Well, my mama pity how Sultan always have to attend so many events and is forced to watch the same dance routine over and over again, have to tahan his pee whilst watching the events...

See...being a Sultan is quite tough too..

BUT being a travel host is

People actually PAY you to travel around the world, explore different sights and eat delicious and famous food from all over the world!

You gimme money to do this stuff? HECK, count me in! Pay me one dollar for all I care, I'm still IN!

Ah, of course there are disadvantages and requirements.

To be a travel host, you need to be fluent in the language you're suppose to speak, able to communicate easily with others, outgoing, daring, smooth-talker, witty..

Hey, if a travel host is funny, I'm hooked.

And that is why I would really love to be a travel host :D But I doubt this will happen.

Above is all the criteria needed to be travel host and I'm far from it. I'm very shy and I mumble-jumble my words when I'm nervous!

Oh well! I can settle for something less strenuous like a multi-media designer ^^

Although, being a travel host is no doubt, way, way, way much FUN!

Who knows? Maybe in ten years' time...heheheh! Anything can happen! Laugh all you want! We shall see how things go :)


My exam results are horrific! It's very, very bad. You know, it's kinda true that I always tell myself to do better for the upcoming exam yet the results still stay the same or maybe, even worse.

One good thing tho, I got a credit for POA :) Although, I wish I could get a 75 or more..

Sometimes, I wonder what made me think of taking Add.Math in the first place instead of Geography. Maths is not one of my best subjects ; in fact, it's probably one of my weakest subjects and I wonder why the hell would I wanna take a subject that I suck at?

But, there's no use regretting it now. I have to actually TRY to credit Add.Math for my O levels. I'm a very pessimistic person, I just realize it..

I always criticize everything that I'm doing in order to satisfy myself. Because, when others criticize, I already know what to expect from them, thus I don't feel the pain that much.

And NO, I'm not sad right now. I'm feeling fine.

Wanna know what I'm gonna name my program IF I become a travel host??


"Travel with Lili!"

Hey, it's so generic. It can't be funny. Maybe the name is.


The second one is not bad, ey??

Other than that, I also want to be an animator for Disney films! ^^

I know, I know...big dreams for a small girl! But, it never hurts to dream :)

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