Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My accidental happily ever after

This outing happened like a week back, but I only have the time to post it up today...but, first things first. A short update on my life! :)

So, there was quite a number of stuff that happened in between this week:-

1) We got our exam papers back (DOH! Some were satisfactory, some sucked and none is excellent YET) I haven't cry for any of the papers yet...and I hope I won't cry for the upcoming ones..

2) SAS's sports day field events- Damn. I sucked real bad in discus but oh well...

A really huge thank you to all those who gave me advice and assure me that I could do well for it even though I didn't. That was awesome. Thanks, I love you guys.

It's really weird, I was more nervous before the event than during the event. When it was my turn, I casually went up and threw the discus with average force. Sukballs.

I guess I lose hope already :(

And congrats to those who won!! :D Especially to all Hollis members! You sure make us Hollis-ians proud! Woohoo!!

(I must say Susan is really cute to applaud and *woowoo* me after I'm done throwing the discus :D)

3) Mar-mar's bday! Her name is displayed so big in bloody-red colour in my blog! HAHA so of course you would have notice that.

Me and Michee went to her house for fun and we had a movie marathon. ''The Princess and the frog''' was so good! (Ok, I know it's way overdued but heck, shut up) I LOVE LOVE LOVE FAIRYTALES even though I'm not in a lovey dovey mood lately.

Last month I was ; which explains all the sappy tweets HAHA...and now, I'm more like the-I-don't-care sort of thing :O But I really still love fairytale movies :D Especially disney ones.

Beauty and the beast, Cinderella, The Lion King etc

Don't you just miss them all? I cried watching the Lion King last time :'( Elton John's songs were just TOO emotional, especially when the songs are being played during the sad parts.

We oughta have a disney marathon one day, aite? *wink wink*

I have a habit of writing a chunk of words and then finally, continuing to pictures! Guess that's just my blogging style :D

Sandy! THE MOST PRASAN person I've ever known!

Here's why:
Sandy: Lend me your camera for a while, I want to see the pictures.
Me: Okay *hands over the cam*
Sandy: Heheeh, I love this pictures *shows me the pic*
Me: Yeah, it's nice
Sandy: *zooms in to her face* Not bad, hor?/Cute hor?
Me: -________-

Heh heh heh, I love this!

Model in the making....*disco music playing*

In a toilet? *screeching sound*

Sigh...small eyes. God gave me a pair of small eyes because he decided to spend less time on me!

Blur, but I still love it ; after watching Shrek Forever After

Anyway, it's a really GREAT movie! I laughed like crazy in the cinema!

Go watch it, you definitely won't regret it. But of course, watch it on weekdays, tickets are way cheaper compared to weekends. That is, if you're a money conscious person like moi!

Sandy's dark hot pink heels, Sabena's purplez sneakers and my meeci miao miao hoo sneakers!! :D

*Oinks* Just noticed that my nose looks extremely puny than usual in this pic *SAKAI*

Pearl, the diamond and the reason why our teeth are white! Cause she's Pearl-y! :D

Ha-der-ha. I bet this is a joke failed :(

Guess who

Mt, me and Sandy

Mt has really exotic features


And here comes our zoomed-face shots:


Ignore the pimplez, I wanted to edit out the pimples initially, but couldn't be arsed to, so I left it like this.

Pucker up for Sandy's smooching

"Err...yeah? You got a problem?"

At Swensens! I really LOVE taking pictures of food. It makes me so happy looking at pictures of yummy food :D

That's prawn dippers up there, by the way! The tartar sauce is dee-li-cious!!

And OH! I mentioned this on Tumblr already, but heh, it wouldn't hurt to mention it again!

I snipped off my long fringe, like FINALLAAAAAY!

Look at the above pictures and observe my fringe! So unkempt! I think my eyebrows are thanking me for this haircut- they finally can say bye-bye to all those hair pricking them! LOL!

Next month, I sense it's gonna be a busy month! Friendship day, Sports day, June Holidays (YAYE!!) Talentine...WOOOHOOO!

Don't you feel like 2010 is passing really fast in comparison to last year?

P/s: Meithing told me that if you add a ":P" emoticon in your blog posts, it screams out flirty! Yes meh?? I thought it just spells out FUN or FUNNY!

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