Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just little thoughts that make me wonder

I was watching this movie titled "Fan boys" just recently on Star Movies and it kinda motivate me a little.

The crazy antics they do just to get an early copy of the star wars movie that will premiere on screen 6 months later and partially, they wanted to steal it for their best friend who's suffering from a terminal disease and could only live not longer than 3 months.

Thus, they started this road trip journey from Ohio to California, which I think is pretty cool by the way.

I have ALWAYS wanted to go on a road trip, thanks to all those movies I've seen on TV. Yep, reality is way different compared to those shown in the movies, but it wouldn't hurt to imagine right?

The longest road trip I've been was from Brunei-Miri-Sibu. 7 hours in total but heck, I didn't bother to actually "feel" the moment because well, it's Sarawak. -_-

Plus, their roads are messy, muddy and broken. Not such an appealing sight, ey?

Compared to those long roads you see on tv where people travel or people killing people (somehow, long endless roads are also a fave spot for evil killas to roam around), the roads you see on your way to Sarawak just look plain.

In those western countries, their roads look so gorgeous, it feels ethnic and you feel different too, in a way.

Ok, I really suck at explaining the beauty of these roads so I'm just gonna show pictures of em':




Beautiful, aren't they?

Well, maybe I'm fooled by good editing skills and a great camera... doesn't hurt to love it.

I wonder, what's the craziest thing I have ever done in my whole 16 years of life?? Besides, studying my arse off for exams.

Lemme see...I haven't done anything that is against the law, have I?

Actually. Yes. I did do something really insane before but only a few know about it and besides, it's literally crazy so I ain't gonna elaborate it.


It's not too late to do something that will make your day, different.

And I aim to live like that, and even if I fail, at least I know, I did try and I'm sure I can do it better another time. :)

Even if it's just a small little gesture that you don't usually do like say "Hi" to a stranger, it's different. It IS different. And your day is different, your life is different. It's not just normal anymore, it's special!

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