Thursday, May 20, 2010

Homemade sushi!

Exams are not. over. YET. for us Form 5s. :(

Just two more days till we're free!! Actually, for me, exams are already over because we're having MIB on Saturday. :/

There's isn't much to study about and mostly people reckon it as a not-very-important-subject so yeahh...

But I'm still gonna study a bit...only 0:)

I found something I would really really love to do during the holidays or maybe right about NOW!

That is...making sushi!

I think homemade sushi tastes the best, in my opinion!

Cause it's cooked with love and moreover, it's way cleaner! You don't have to worry about eating your sushi and wondering whether the chefs tampered your sushi with their dirty-just-came out from the-toilet-and-haven't wash hands...(actually I don't think about that but just in case, for those OCD folks)

YUM YUM YUM! I can just imagine it now!

All I gotta do now for the recipe online, look for the ingredients and Lilian's homemade I come! :D

AND OH! I have Tumblr! Heheheh I love my tumblr's name!

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