Saturday, May 15, 2010

All the good movies always come out during the exam season

Hello peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepos!!

I know it's exam-season, but we all need a chill-out session once in a while yo! Well, blogging relaxes me :)

Mid-year exams are still going on *yawns* but it's ending soon. Like, approximately in a week. There's not really much to memorize since all of the memorizing-subjects-kind are OUT! YEAPPI! ^^v

But...they aren't easy. :( ADD MATH. My worst enemy. The devil. Poo. Add math, for me, is like the HARDEST subject to credit!! But, I shall try to overcome and conquer it. At least for O'levels.

So far...the papers are really depressing. And oh, we had our exams in the hall! HAHAHAH! SAKAI MUCH?!? This reminds me of Form 3. Nostalgic moments. Ahhh.

In form 3, I always observed the form 5 people and I remember how stressed they were while doing add math. They were basically rushing here and there, scribbling really fast on the paper and I thought to That hard ka?

Now, I know T_T

It is not hard. It's MURDER. Add math should be considered a crime. A drug of abuse. So, the point is, you go to jail if you take Add math. Kudos!

Observing people after you're done with your papers is really FUN! You can see a mixture of emotions in the hall. Some were sad, happy, chilled, bored, deep in thought, and et cetera.

Mine were mostly...I don't know...different papers result in different emotions.

Pictures :)

For Mother's day this year, I made a card for my mum.

It's not that special but it's full of mine, my brothers' and my dad's ♥


Studying till 2 am results in this:

Poor guy. I know how you feel. *pats*

And I just realized something that I have never noticed before...OMG!

The bear's shades remind me of something very very close to me....oh yes..


Exactly the same, okay?!? Cool. As an illustration for my Chapter 12, coordination and response bio notes? Even cooler.

Heh heh heh ♥ I love SkinFood!

Till here then! Shall update my blog whenever I'm free!


Nowadays, I find that adding a z behind every word really makes me very happy.

Lamez, I knowz but I iz happyz. :D

Oh ya! I suddenly recalled one convo between my mom and my bro.

Me: Stop making that girl in your class cry okay!
Bro: Aiya, she's a tomboy, won't cry one...
Me: Then, tell me why do YOU cry???


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