Sunday, May 30, 2010



This is a really random and meaningless blogpost but it's about food, food and MORE FOOD!!

And I ♥ ♥ ♥ food a lot! Especially yummy ones! (I really love adding ♥s in my blog post nowadays and no, I am not influenced by Cheesie or anyone else, it's my preference :D)

Currently, I'm really sick of my blogskin! Bleh. It looks so bland to me already. When I used it for the first time, it was beautiful. I love the pig and the background...but now, it's different.

And trust me, I can't stick to a blogskin for more than 3 months! I change it every two months or less...I wonder how some people can stick to their blogskin for almost a year!!

Or maybe, forever.

I don't even know how "perfect" I want my blogskin to be.

Maybe I would want it to be..

1) Girly?
2) Colourful?
3) Pink?
4) A cute cat as my banner
5) My blog name as my blog header
6) A meaningful quote below my blog name

SEE! Sometimes I want it to be colourful, sometimes plain and sometimes pink! I just can't make up my mind which makes it really difficult for me to stick to a blogskin.

Oh well. I can't even make one now since my laptop is still in Singapore and most of my brushes and fonts are in 'em.

Dinner at Capers with family.

Yep, do expect me to take a picture of every dish placed in front of me :)

Honey garlic chicken!

I prefer Pizza Hut's one more...this tastes a little bland compared to Pizza Hut's.

Chicken steak..I think! I don't remember the name...I'm really, really bad at remembering names of food. Especially those fancy schmancy ones!

Penne Arriabiata.

It's so damn SPICY! I mean, I know it's spicy, but I didn't expect it to be THAT spicy. I think it damaged my stomach a little after I ate too much of it last night! My head was a lil' bit dizzy too pfft

But, I still like it! It tastes grrrr-eat!!

What I wore last night :D (except I didn't button the cardigan hehe or I will look too pregnant)

"Friendship Day" this upcoming Wednesday!! :D


And then, school holidays. Awesome-r.

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