Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What happens when you leave a camera with two girls?

The title explains it all!

This is the consequences of leaving your baby cam with us girls...

The results?

- Overflow of vain pictures.

HAHAAHAHA! Well, we were bored! So that's kinda excusable. What else can we do while we were waiting for our food to arrive? It doesn't help that there's a camera placed right in front of us!

Ok, so my food arrived already but we still insisted on taking pictures before we leave.

First up, a normal smiling picture.

Till someone got KERAZEEE!

Time to pan-kelian but it never works on me so yeah 0:)

That's my new favourite pose. Seriously! :D Hehe, I don't care how awful it looks! I LAV IT!

Puffer fish!

Sandy looks like a monkey and well, I...look like a...urm. Gorilla?!?

Look at the contrast of our skin colour! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH T______T

Act-cute session

It's over that fast?!? Oh well..

I must compromise a little...Sandy loves doing \m/ more than --> ^_^V

Hmm...I don't think I have any distinct pose...I just go with the flow~


Our hair smells awesome! Psst! She's smelling mine and I'm smelling hers!

Last picture!

Ju-on Sandy! HAHAHA Just kidding. It's actually "the cutest fake ghost ever"! :D

Credits to Sabena for these pictures. We verbally abused her poor cam. :p

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