Friday, April 23, 2010

She's sleeping...shh

I doubt I will blog much before and during the exam-season because

1) Study, study and study!

Let's say, I was supposed to study this particular subject, but then, I decided to tweet FOR A WHILE, I tell myself.

But, when I log in to twitter, I start visiting other social websites, blogs etc since I'm online right, so why not? And the next thing you know - I have been online for an hour or more? So, I can now kiss my study time goodbye. :(

That happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Thank goodness I will be separated from my laptop for prolly a month *sigh* It's all good.

2) People don't read blogs during the exam-season.

They'd rather bury their faces into their textbooks and notebooks instead of surfin' the net reading blogs. Sure, if they could, they would, but in my case, I won't.

Ok, end of "why I won't blog"

Bye! :D and good luck in studying! I DEFINITELY need that luck.

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