Monday, April 26, 2010

Plant of hearts


Notice that my eyes look huge compared to my normal one with this black framed specs! AHAHAHA! Because geeky specs automatically makes your eyes HUGE!

That was a joke. No, it does not! That's my grandfather's reading specs. Now you guys know why it looks huge :p

Ok, so I lied about not blogging...wait! Is this considered lie? In the last post, I said "I doubt" so, I guess it's not really a lie. :)

So, in my last, last post, I said that I would blog about the restaurant so here goes! Actually, it's nothing much, just that I'm sakai about the beautiful ambience of the seaside restaurant. (I think it's called Marina Bay, if I'm not wrong)

The view was breathtaking in the words can explain how gorgeous it looks...(cliche, but it's true)

Of course, my phone can't capture the beauty of it -_-

But! I'm dying to get a digital camera soon!! Any recommendations??

Imagine me with a digital camera *rub palms together* I can finally have a long picture post of my own pictures taken by my very own digital camera! No need to count on others for pictures! No more pixelated pictures! More vain pictures! More random pictures! More...etc

That is...when I get it. Then, I shall state more advantages of having a digital camera. emotional, staring beyond the horizon...

In the pic, I look so calm and comfortable but in reality, I wasn't. I was sweaty and to top it off, it was drizzling at that time. :(

Bloody pixelated pictures! The pictures will looooooook so much nicer if it was taken using a digital cam or a DSLR!

No matter how nice a scenery looks in a picture, trust me, in real life, it's way, way better.

FOOD!! That's the only good thing my phone camera does! It takes good macro shots, in my opinion, that is. :)

Yes. I'm afraid I'm one of those bloggers that take pictures of whatever they eat.

Well, why not right? It's quite a pity to gobble up those expensive nibbles and not take a picture of it. It will all end up as SHIT anyway. So take pics of it for remembrance! My mum thinks its stupid but hey, it's not. ;)

Jasmine tea! It's damn good!

Say hello to the plant of hearts, discovered by me.

Nice ey? It's rare to find this kind of plant ok..

Yep..I'm Little Miss Shy *shyyy*

Nowadays, my blog posts are becoming really short and less wordy...which IS NOT A GOOD THING T_T

I can't type as much as I want to like how I did back then...

And I DON'T RANT as much as I did back then..

Seriously, I don't know why but it's weird you know, I used to have lots of ranting posts...but nowadays, I'm quite calm and I rarely tweet or blog about ranty stuff...mostly, it's all emo here and there.

I guess I'm growing up 0:)

Of course, I can't be happy 24/7...

I will blog about ranty stuff someday but not now! Heheheh

And I found another new skin I want to use for my blog! I keep on changing once a month or every two weeks. I can't help it man...I'm that indecisive.

But no worries, for important stuff like friendship or love or family (duh), I'm loyal 0:)

Anyway, I just got back from chemistry practicals and Mar-mar was my lab partner for the first time! Omg T_T I miss talking to her!!

Well, while we were doing our experiments, I happened to hear this rock and roll song playing from someone's phone and so, I got curious and looked up to see Baewei, Vincent and Boonyu giggling whilst staring at the phone.

Me: OMG! You watch porn in class??
Vincent: WHAT?!? No...we were just listening to music la..
Me: Then, why did you guys laugh here and there? What music is that?
Vincent: Hotel room service!
Me: By who??
Vincent: Pitbull
Me: *Expected to hear something like Habbo* HUH? PIBU?!?
Me: PIBU? PIBU? PIBU? *finally realizing my mistake* OOOOOO! PITBULL!
Vincent: You're so outdated la...if Pitbull you don't know, Redbull you know?!?

SO LAME. -_- But I swear I heard him say "PIBU" at first or maybe I didn't hear correctly...hmm..

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