Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not drunk at all..

To think that the month of March passed so fast... it seems like April is moving QUICKLY too :(

It feels like yesterday was just the 1st of April and now it's already the 18th of April!!

Time passes by quickly when I'm either having a great time or when I'm busy. And this month, it's quite a hectic one because there's sports day tryouts, mid-year exams are coming soon, Pairama and so on...

And yep, I did went for sports tryouts which explains why my skin looks like a mixture of coffee + milk now.


A year and two months ago which is the 25th National day practices by the way, I got super dark but it's not as bad as the National day practices in Form 1 lah...

HAHA. In Form 1, I have never even heard of sunblock before and thus, I didn't apply it each time we all go out to the bright, hot sun and dance. =_=

I looked so cocoa-coloured back when I was in Form 1! No joke, man!

At least now, I'm 16 so I definitely know what "Sun block" is and so, I am much, much lighter compared to the time when I was 13. Horrible times, horrible times.

Anyway, initially I chose to join two events which were long jump and discus, but then I suck in long jump so I concentrated more on discus instead.

Damn! Discus is hard! (Well, the guys made it look so easy) There are so many steps to, it doesn't help that I have a weak and skinny arm.

Hehe, but I'm still determined to do better!

A picture taken by Vincent using Pearl's Nikon DSLR of me playing the discus. could see from this picture that I was completely sun-burnt and looked so dehydrated which FYI, I was.

I was left-handed so I had to face my front to the sun most of the time whilst the others, who were right-handed faced their backs to the sun instead! The sun was being SO unfair that day :( (actually, it's more like most of the days)

Next biggie celebration was Sandy's sweet 16 party! :D Awesome party with awesome emotions! HAHAHA!

Birthday girl and me!

She loves making crazy poses especially those \m/ kind

Innocent much!

The pictures that I'm posting up are mostly after party-pictures...for the before ones, you can go to this LINK and view them all...

All taken using Michee's DSLR

Our "early-morning" look

We slept at 3 something in the morning and woke up at 7 am! Powerful or not!?!

HAHA, pardon my phone camera, they don't take good shots..

We want more sleep :((

ALL SMILES except for Sandy!

Do we look like ghosts?!?

I think Sandy looks more like a mannequin here than a fake ghost LOL

One of my fav pictures I took at that day! The lightning is extra-gorgeous!! The weather was so cooling and it's just right! Not too hot, not too cold.


The view from the 5th floor!

Oh ya, I remembered asking a half awake and a half asleep Vincent some questions while we were sitting on the window seat and looking down admiring the little people walking around..

In a weird way, talking to a sleepy person is so fun coz they have no idea what they are speaking! :P

Me: Eh, you want to die right??
Vincent: Do YOU want to die?
Me: Yea, sure, let's jump down here right now ok?
Vincent: Ok! But it's so low, let's jump from the 9th floor!
Me: Okay, you say one ah! You jump first, then I jump
Vincent: No first..

Even though he's sleepily crazy, at least he still recognize his no worries, Vincent, you won't be easily taken advantage of.

When the guys are still feeling worn-out and the girls, on the other hand were in the mood to camwhore..

(Psst, check out Vincent and Baewei! Gay much?!)

Mark forgot to bring home his camera in this whole chaos, so we decided to mess around with it!

Me and my baobei

The killer heels we bought for Sandy on her birthday! DAMN SEXY, RIGHT?! :D


*scrunches nose*

Another great picture!! The view from here is absolutely astounding and beeyootiful!

I'm currently in Miri right now and last night, I went to have dinner at a gorgeous sea-view restaurant!

Will blog about it sooner or later! (Coz knowing me, every little beautiful stuff make me "wow" like a sakai)

And you know what's my favourite stuff to blog about?!? I like blogging about restaurants and food! I don't care if they don't interest you at all, it's more important that it interests me instead :D

P/s: Gonna study POA now coz I'm "kuai" like that!

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