Monday, April 05, 2010

Near to death experience

How was your near-to-death experience?

Mine, I guess happened twice in my life, the first time was when I was 8 and now, when I am 16. A difference of 8 years! So my third near-to-death experience will happen when I'm 24 years old!

In short, it will happen every 8 years? HAHA! That's just an assumption, I definitely hope that it won't happen. Duh.

When I was just an innocent 8 year old young little girl who know nothing about drains and it's surroundings, I fell into a really large drain full of water surfaced with green algae at the top.

I remember I was sitting inside the car doodling on my dad's black notebook whilst waiting for him to finish his work like a kuai kid 0:)

I turned to the side to get a little inspiration when I spotted this really "beautiful" drain full of green algae at the top which I thought was grass at that time. I know. How dumb of me but I was 8, so that's forgivable.

Out of curiosity, I stepped outside of my dad's car and stood in front of the drain and stared at it longingly.

My mind was thinking all sort of nonsense that time like, "Wah! So pretty this green grass! I want to jump onto it and walk around the pretty green grass!"

And so, I did. -_-

The moment I jumped and landed on the algae which I, at first thought was pretty green grass, I submerged into the water immediately.

I can't even think at that time! The water was choking me and I didn't even think of calling my dad! Luckily, I wiggled myself strongly in the water to surface myself up and shouted "PAPA!" as loud as I could. I remembered I shouted "PAPA" thrice. Or was it 3x2?

Obviously, he's worried at first but after that, he gave me a quick but nice scolding and told me not to do anymore stupid stuff like that.

I always wondered, what if I didn't call for my dad loudly enough? Afterall, it's his worker that heard me, not him. He was inside the house, fixing something at that time.

What if the worker is evil and hated me and so wanted me to "matei"? He could just ignore me right?

No lah, people may be mean, but not until that extend lah.

I'm definitely very fortunate to survive because I couldn't swim at that time and the drain was damn vast and deep at that time.

And now, I was ALSO lucky, I guess. This time, I didn't scream, I sort of waited for death to find me.

My 2nd-near-to-death experience happened approximately 4 days ago whilst I was walking to tuition very happily nom-ing on Ayamku Chix cubes (I have a super good memory) and observing the scenery around me.

I was about to cross this road and I didn't know that buses were actually allowed to drive through this one section and I KNEW I saw the bus coming but I thought the bus driver was gonna just drive straight instead, he turned to the left which is exactly where I was walking across the road at that time!

The bus was just driving straight non-stop and WOAH! As I turned to the side, I wasn't expecting any car or bus? to drive by until I saw this big purply huge bus coming thru! *visualize people*


The bus was just a few centimetres away from me and I didn't know why I wasn't running at all. I stopped at that time and stared at the bus driver for a few seconds!

I didn't shout nor did I panic. I just stood there calmly wondering what was happening.

I guess everything happened too fast and so, I was confused.

But after that very-long-few-seconds which somehow really really look like I and the bus was acting in slow-motion, NO JOKE! But then, I shook myself and walked across the road quickly when the bus driver gave me a hand wave signaling that I could cross safely now.

Again and again, I'm damn hao-ming to survive or so I think?

I wondered what if I actually walked across the street a few seconds late...will I be able to survive then?

My mum will then regret letting me walk to tuition and my dad will hate himself for going to Sibu and not being able to send me to tuition and etc HAHAHA! :p

Wild imagination I have! LOL!

Anyway, what's your NEAR to death experience?


I have always wanted to lie down on an empty road just like that one scene in "The Notebook" :)

Of course provided that the road is as nice as the above picture!

P/s: Pardon the super lau-ya explaining skills I used. I suck at explaining.

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