Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Milo shake-shake-shake-it

OVERDUED POST! I prepared this batch of photos at the end of April and only now, I'm writing a post about it!!

I took that long to write this post because I thought this is a really short and meaningless post but I wanna share with you guys still :) This was before I cut my hair and hmm...and before a lot of stuff happened!

My brother used to be the sweetest bro ever, treating his big sister like a princess making her milo shake everyday...till now. He rarely makes it and if I initiated for it, he would ask me to make it myself or pay him money to make it. Like a tai-lou (loan shark) eh.

However, it doesn't taste as good as the first! The first time he made it, IT tastes like HEAVEN! ♥

I know, I know, I'm like exaggerating the whole thing but seriously, it's really good. You will never know until you have a sip of it!

And the funniest thing is, it's super easy to make but I still wanna take a picture of the whole-making-process coz I am..."INFORMATIVE" like that!

My bro's the sifu..I am just his photographer. :P

Small note: Doesn't this concoction looks like SHIT?? And it also kinda looks like spit+mucus!!

The milo + low fat milk + ice + thick creamy milk = ??

Macro shots are beautiful!

I hate milk. But if it's mixed with something sweet like chocolate or vanilla, then I'm fine with it!

TA-DAH!! It's done after a little grinding and mixing here and there!! It looks like a mixture of wet sand + ice! (Very observant, I know)

At this point, I will look like a penguin flapping my hands happily at the sight of this! HAHAHA! OR A SEAL WAITING FOR ITS DINNER - THE LITTLE FISHIES?? Both about the same la!

Hello Milo shake! ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ nom nom nom

Yech! My fringe looked so messy back then! Since I didn't bother to cut my fringe, I pinned it up everyday in school. Boring~ but now, I have a NEW FRINGE! BWAHAHAHA! Oh yeah. I mentioned it before. Hehehe. My bad.

Overdued posts doesn't seem that fun to write about mainly because, it happened in the past. So sad. T_T

I can't recall much either. And guess what..I have a lot of 'em. Ranting posts too..hehe, but I don't wanna post them up. I'm just gonna save it for future references. Something to remind me of my childhood days when I was so silly to be mad about little stuff.


And it's what, you know??

I don't know. Sigh :)

I have a new one almost everyday..

But you know what? I learnt to actually accept the fact that, the blogging style of each person is very diverse. You can't force them to blog the way you want.

For example, this person keeps on adding a ♥ in her blog post (aka me) SO annoying lo! Very heart-able meh??

You can't stop me from doing this whole thing. Or if I keep on blogging about fashion or celebs THE WHOLE TIME - you can't stop me either.

And because, everyone is so different, THAT'S WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE!!

The world would be a pretty boring place if everyone's the same, don't you think??

Learn to absorb the postive and hinder the negative. Hopefully, my blog is more positive now!

I shall spread the L-O-V-E in my blog!! Of course, there will still be hating posts if I get TOO mad, then I blog shit. Which I will eventually realize, it's stupid. HAHAHA. That's why my Tumblr exists.


  1. argh!! MILO, my fav <3

  2. oh boo it doesnt work there cause my code is wrong lol *embarrassed* HAHAH sorry :p

  3. Reminds me of my favourite pearl milky tea. Hahahaha..

  4. your very own milo shake...LOL...i've tried ribena shake...nice too..

  5. I love milo! I drink milo 24/7, i should try that, haha!XD

  6. Milo still the best!

  7. @Hilda Milda: HAHAHA! Your comment damn cute can! :P



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