Friday, April 09, 2010

Hello, false eyelashes!

This calls for another make-up post!

Well, not exactly because the main attraction are my false lashies!

I somehow prefer to call it as false eyelashes instead of fake eyelashes because fake sounds much more hasher than false, doesn't it?

As I'm typing this, I'm doing it so on my pink vaio lappy which will prolly be gone by tomorrow...*sniff*

Yes, I'm damn emotional for this because my laptop which plays a big part in my life is gone for...

3 FREAKING WEEKS!!! (or maybe more T_T so fml)

3 weeks without any dvds to watch, 3 weeks without listening to my fav songs, 3 weeks without viewing my favourite pictures, 3 weeks without being able to type on my laptop's keyboard, 3 weeks without being able to admire the pink shiny coat of my laptop (Actually, I don't do that now lol)

Sigh. Thank goodness for my bro's little laptop (Yes, he has one! Can you believe it?! He's only primary 2!) so I can tweet and blog with peace.

But, I still want my laptop no matter what. Bloody vaios. Why must you overheat so easy kah?!?

Okay, so back to the main-topic. Sorry, I get off-topic easily when I'm typing about something else. Heh.

My make-up stash required to complete this look.

Actually, the makeup is pretty simple! All I wanna do is just to show off my false eyelashes. I do get pretty hyped up over small simple stuff especially when it's my first time owning it.

And of course, say hello to the main attraction! My false eyelashes with my number on it! Exclude the 1 plz! :D

You could see bits of dried glue on the lash line...just ignore it! Nothing harmless anyway.

And my mother's skin food BB cream! I love it! It's so eeeeeasy to use and apply! It's like a foundation to me but can also double up as a concealer! 2-in-1 peepos just like teh-tarik!!

I use it to conceal lines under my eyebags and they work just fine. It evens out the skintone well and it smells good too! But because it has smell, I don't think it will cooperate with sensitive skin, sadly.

Anyway, my main inspiration to do this whole-makeup thingo was thanks to this picture:

HAHAHAAHA! Can you guys please don't laugh?

I know this girl is like such a typical cutesy girl and all but observe her eye-makeup alright? I just simply love it! Plus, her false eyelashes kinda resembles mine so I thought to myself, why not just try pull off this make-up for fun?

Btw, this pic is from a Geo Lens website.

And so, here's mine! Okay, honestly, I don't really love it...yet, I don't hate it either.

So, I think the only step that I got correct was the false eyelashes part..

My eyeliner line wasn't thick enough to be seen and then my silver eyeshadow kinda overshadowed my bottom eyeliner line! Also, I forgot to apply dark brown eyeshadow at the lids! Oh. And...forgotten to smear the bottom eyeliner line to make it smoky-looking..

I guess I shouldn't have post the comparison picture up in order to satisfy myself! :D HAHA! But I want to, even though there's like teeny bit similarity.

However, you must also kelian me a bit okay and don't compare my features to the girl's one okay! That's like DAMN unfair!


I had to enlarge my eyes like O_O just to make it the same size as hers but I FAILED TERRIBLY!

That's impossible man. Hers are like 10 times bigger than mine. But I'm fine with that. Even though my eyes are small, at least you can still see my pupil right?

Besides, the best answer to cheer myself up for the fact I'm stuck with small eyes are..."KOREAN PEOPLE FTW!"

HAHAHAHA! Ok la, there are times I have to admit that I wish to have bigger and nicer looking eyes. Well, it IS every girl's dream afterall.

My false-eyelashes somehow made my eyes appeared bigger! ^^ Or was it coz I did O_O to my eyes?!?

Please don't tell me I look like Izma! You know...

The creepy old looking witch from "The Emperor's New School?"

Hmm..why is it not showing in Disney Channel anymore?

As you can see from this picture, this IS A TOTAL-FAIL. *beep beep*

My fake eyelashes were coming off...

Well, technically, they weren't. They still looked normal when I open my eyes. It's because I applied lots of glue on it.

Without flash! The silver is oh-so-sparkly eh!

You know what! I just realized that my falsies can be seen very clearly! I think it's because the distance between my eyebrow and my lash line is longer than the average normal distance.

Vaining with camera is not enough, must vain-vain a lil bit with webcam! Hehehehehe webcam's good for camwhoring because it's faster and it's quite pixelated so you don't have to worry about pimples or uneven skin tones. :)

Gah! My face shape looks quite strawberry-shaped here! :D :D Hey! It's better than SQUARE!

I now remembered that a girl used to make fun of my square-ish face -_- she poked my cheeks and then said harshly, "Square face! Square face! Square face!"

Super mean man! If she said that to me now, I wouldn't mind coz it's the fact but that happened when I was in primary! Duh! Even saying "Stupid" in primary is already considered something so serious like smoking or taking drugs etc so obviously calling me that was TOO mean at that time.

But I guess she finally learnt her lesson. She was a mean bully, I have to admit but now, she's like a changed person! She turned into a nerd (not like I wasn't one before but yeah) and was a loner most of the time. Is that karma for her? Wow. It took karma that long to find her!

7 years! Not joking man! Pfft. Guess it's been accumulating all this while (Michee's words of wisdom)

Anyway, a lot of stuff happened this month, be it bad or good, bring it on! I'm READY! \m/

First things first, I'm gonna try and join every event the school organizes! Sports day...Pairama...and so and so...

I really regret not doing much last year coz all I did was just slacking around! Last year was like a honeymoon year man :(

This year is like travelling on a rock with rough edges..well. It's not that bad! I also realized something! You may have a bad week this week, but then next week, it will be a good week throughout! That's what I have been going through.

Then again, it sucks to have a good week this week and then wonder, "Shit! I'm gonna have a bad week next week!" :(

I know -_- All the week here and there is driving you crazy! HAHA!

P/ps: Check out my HELLO KITTY favicon! Cute or not?!? :D


  1. i'm super in love with fake lashes!!!

    i have a lot!!!
    and in diff thickness and length.
    needed to get a few types to find the one that suits me most.

    i think you should get shorter lashes. they look too fake. XD

    try and get those that are thicker, not super doll kinda thick, but maybe thicker near the roots?

    have fun!!! XD

  2. ME TOO!! I would like to have a whole collection of it. So far, I only have 3 choices T_T

    Yep, thanks for your advice! :) When I first used this (for trial purpose) I didn't know you can actually snip off the ends and that's exactly what I did :D

    Looks more natural now!

  3. i love love love eyelashes too but the process of getting it stick on my eyelids is just annoying!

  4. Won't those fake lashes pull away the real ones?

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