Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy tien mi mi 16, baobei!

I would like to wish a very special best friend of mine...



A year older, a year wiser and definitely a year CUTER!

This Sandy probably one of the cutest people I have ever met. Hehe :)

And also, the most prasan person I have ever met!! Seriously!

Me: Hey, you look so cute!!
Sandy: I know right? *winks*

HAHAHA! These are already quite mild compared to the extreme prasan-ess she have in her traits. :P But because it's her special day, I won't disclose it.

Since it's my first time wishing her "Happy Birthday" in this blog of mine, I shall write an introduction story on how we both met.

We both started talking and paying attention to one another last year around August if I'm not mistaken. All thanks to Mrs. Arul! (Have a break, have a kit-kat)

She asked me to sit next to Sandy because I talked too much to Meithing and so..we started off with awkward conversations and silence...and eventually, we started playing this really random game called, "Would you rather...?" and that definitely brought us closer!

Man! That game is P-U-K-E! I swear.

Of course, this is something I won't type out here too. It's too sickening to be revealed because it's gonna make you guys puke out your dinner or whatever food or drink you just consumed.

Well~ in case you guys are a teeny bit curious...

It involves something like "Would you rather...suck out and shallow all of *this particular person* blackheads and pimples or blablabla..."

Hey, this is like about 10% of the disgustingness only. ;)

She's my tomyam udon partner in crime! Both of us *HEART* tomyam udon to the MAX!

Super adorable Sandy nom-ing on her chicken lasagna!

Sexy librarian Sandy *sizzles*

We look TOO alike in this picture which explains why I love it so much.

The eyes..? :D Except my head is bigger. HAHAHA!

Once again, have a great birthday! Stay cute and less prasan! :)) Love ya! xx

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