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HALLO! I haven't been blogging for days already and I'm itching to type out what's in my mind for so long!

And yep, this blog post is all about girly stuff - from makeup to clothes to nail polishes name it!

Anyway, my poor laptop of 1 year and 2 months got sick sad. :( It will shut down by itself every 15 minutes!! But now, it's recovered which explains how I'm able to type this blog post in the first place! Turns out my laptop's internal fan was spoilt!

Is there a case like this? I assume it's spoiled because I usually leave the laptop on for ages in my un-airconditioned room! (yes, I love the heat in my room)

Vaio laptops heat easily, just a "caution reminder" to all those interested in Vaio laptops..and to prevent this whole-fan-spoilt-situation from happening again, my dad bought a portable PINK laptop fan cooler for me!

It's damn gorgeous and once again, I'm a happy kid :D

Okay, so back to the main topic, my obsessions at the moment! I have lots of never-ending obsessions, sometimes I can like this item A LOT and all of a sudden, I'm bored of it and I move on to another item! I am such a cheater! LOL!

Last month, I was into graphic tees(and still am!) and this month, I'm into SOOOOO many different kind of girly goodies! Being a girl is so fun. What can guys be obsessed about anyway other than hot-girl celebs?

Oh! Jeans, graphic tees, gels, hairstyles..etc. I got it.

But girls have a much wider variety of choices, don't they?

Let's see, girls worry about skincare(I know some guys do), makeup(guys love eyeliner!), clothes, cutesy plushies, books, beauty magazines, shoes, bags, purses and SO much more! Awesome! I love being a girl *beams*

Let's not get into the negative side..heheh.


Ever since I purchased my first pair of fake eyelashes a week ago, I'm hooked! Like real hooked.

It's super kua-zhang looking yet at the same time, fun to own it! I really want to own a collection of different kind of fake eyelashes! I mean, it's not like I will ALWAYS wear them out, it's just like a thrill for me - being able to own so many different kind of eyelashes and get to choose from so many! :D

These kind of feather false lashies? Why not? Wear them out? HAHA! Maybe not..

It will be nice for a photoshoot though!


Hmm...again, it's the thrill of wanting to own more NAIL POLISH!

Seriously, the reason why girls always want to buy more new clothes is because they want to have more, more and MORE!

I'm interested in Skin Food's nail polishes now! :) I got a $10 Skinfood voucher that I'm excited to use! I know, I know...10 dollars only?!? Still, it's better than nothing :p

O.P.I nail polishes look nice too..although I don't own one yet. It's damn costly.

How nice to own this colourful row of nail polishes? *dreams*

I like this design! Super nice! Again, I like nail polish but I'm not good at all these designing stuff.

I guess I will just stick to a simple and alternative method - plain.

The last one I'm writing about would be the main thing that I'm interested at and the main reason why I'm hooked onto those two girly goodies I mentioned above..

MAKEUP! (As usual *sigh* :])

It all started when I was just flipping thru the beauty magazines in a store and voila! I saw a makeup that caught my attention. I guess you could say I was enthralled. I'm not joking here, my jaw literally dropped when I looked at that page.

Okay okay, maybe not that kua-zhang, just a tad bit more interested in makeup than usual? The makeup I saw wasn't very special or creative, it's just that the whole combination is so different yet it works perfectly great on the model itself.

It helps that the model is pretty too!

These are a few eye-makeup I found on deviantart and damn! They are really great and creative! :D


Imagine trying to don this on a single-eyelid eye! *shakes head*

Y'know, some people say, to be a makeup artist or some sort of any fashion related stuff, you gotta be creative. Not that I want to or what, because I never thought about it. But it bugs me that some people JUDGE people just cause they aren't creative with makeup means that they have zero chance of becoming a makeup artist.

If you can, you can! Nothing is impossible. You suck at makeup? You can always learn from youtube or take makeup lessons! Yep, it sure does help it you have a little creativity with you but doesn't mean that, zero talent = zero everything

My piano teacher once told me this: Hard work, 70% and talent - 30%!

See! It all comes through your hard work! :)

M.A.C barbie! Ok, before Hello Kitty HAHAHA! *paiseh* Are they still selling it anyway?

Hehehe, what a coincidence. I'm interested in HOT PINK LIPSTICK! HAHAHAHAHAAH! Not funny. -_-

But I really wanna own one and yes, I intend to wear this out!! Hmm, maybe not that kind of shade the model is wearing. A little lighter and more sweet-coloured kind of pink.

One last thing..I always blog about bags but never got the chance to OWN any that I blog about. So sad, right? That's cause I always get over them real fast than any other obsessions I'm crazy about.

But, hey, wouldn't hurt to share it out even though it's all gonna be like "This? I don't like this anymore!" kind of feeling after a few days!

Studded bow bag! :D Nice~



WOO-HOO! My bow-bow obsession has been the longest so far! Lemme see...I started to lose feelings for bows a month ago I to be exact, I was obsessed with bows for almost 5 months! Lihai or not?!?

I don't hate bows but I don't love them either. I'm neutral~

Sigh. Who knows? Maybe one day, I will be obsessed with them again..

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