Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's not nescafe anymore, it's teh tarik coz it's 2 in 1!

Before I start on the 2-in-1 post,

I would like to thank Michee, my banging friend, for these DSLR-quality pictures :)

Why banging? Well, it's coz she has...


Getit? "Banging" friend? HAHAHAHA! NOW, LAUGH! Ok, lame. Man! Don't she looks so much more CHINK-ier looking now with her bangs and her pinkified polka dotted nails?

As a joke, I kept on traumatizing her the entire time when we were at mall by pointing to any slitty-eyed chinese dudes and saying, "Hey, that's your friend!"

Yep, I am aware that we are chinese people so obviously, if I call other people chinks, that's weird. Why call other people chinks when you yourself is a chink urself? :p

Chink/ching chong or however you call that - people who look chinese (you can google it)

It really doesn't mean act-cute girls. It's just a slur on how people address Asians.

But mostly, people think chinks meant that way so...that's why it's used on kawaii looking girls.

Anyway, it's another TWO-IN-ONE blog post because there's two outings in one post! HAHAHA! No more nescafe, this time it's teh tarik!!

I'm sorry for being so lame, but being lame is my genes! Can't help it!

Outing No.1: Watching Alice in Wonderland with the ching chong Michee!

Overall, it's a not-bad movie. I can't really describe movies coz I suck at it..



It has such a smexy deep voice, big round turquoise coloured eyes and loooooong smooth tail!!

At first, I thought it looks creepy but then the more I see it, the more I love it! HAHAHAAH! Love how it would suddenly appear out of nowhere!

My pay; the money we earned from entrepreneurship fair! :D

I still have about 1/4 of my profit left!

Toilets are like a usual place for us to do some vain-ing heh

We ♥ toilets?

HAHA! I think we kinda look alike in this picture!

Best picture of the day :D :D

I love cats, that is a fact! And I'll kick anyone who hates cats (ok, joke)

DAMN PINK!! From head to toe, everything about her is PINK! One thing about Michee, she always colour coordinate her outfits!

Michee has endless kawaii poses, trust me

Outing no.2: Shopping with Marchums and Michums
Dress code: Cardigans!

They went to my house first to freshen up a bit before going to Mall!

Doesn't this look like a typical friendster profile picture?? HAHAHA! That is my lollipop, btw ;)

Michums, posing with my headbands

Hmm, I'm loving your bangs even more now! :D

Maria and her super deep RED lipstick! It's even redder than my blood, seriously!

Still want my bow printed hoodie??

Michee's lips look so luscious here!

At swensens's!

Check out Michee's super sleazy expression!

All smiles :)

*RAWRR* Why does the food take so long to arrive?! (Actually, it's not long at all! Just trying to spice things a lil' here)

At that point, I said, "Retake! The picture is so blur!" But Maria didn't want to and so, the fight began:

Michee: Bah! Humbug, party pooper!

Maria: Whatever, ching chong!

Maria: Stop taking pictures of me bahhh people not in good mood because *points to Michee*

Michee: HUH?!? What did I do?

I'm so innocent! 0=) All I did was just taking pictures!

Finally, Michee decided to stop fighting with one another but Marchums didn't seem so convinced o_o

Feeling moody because we are hungry

Maria looks so much more happier now! Why?!? OOOOOOOOOOO~

The food has arrived

Dig in, people~

Arriabatta (or however you spell it)

Mac and cheese

Mmmm~ food makes everyone happy and satisfied!

My turn :D Mine was baked spicy rice fish something

It was SO tantalizing! (Y) And damn worth the money! How sad, I wish I came before I could get a free side order or either a sundae :( boohoo

Near the dubai shop, I was fascinated with this light-machine


I wasn't even POSING in this picure! It looks like I was locked inside a cell or something

Fireflies~ *_*


Btw, the cloth kinda stinks :S

Maria = the frog from Alice In Wonderland, remember?!? "No, your majesty?!"


Jiayee's up to some monkey mischief!

Leopard printed heart pillow!

That's not the right way to treat such cute lil' beans by using them as cannonballs!

Now, that's a much proper way to treat Bean!

Maria fiddling with Bean's so called tail

Me and Michee bought fake eyelashes! HAHAAH! So sakai-ed about it coz it's our first time using it! We gotta try all girly goodies in this world ok!

127, my number *wiggle eyebrows*

Maria was the only one that did not buy fake eyelashies, she goes by the "natural look"

I was unhappy :( coz my eyes look so small in most of the pics so I purposely enlarged my eyes in this pic! HAHA!

Still so small, ey? HAHA, it's ok, I don't mind looking like a Korean 0:)

Michee and her "S" shaped posture!

Height differences!

Since Michee likes to do so many kawaii poses for the pictures, I asked her to do "Wu-Lian Pai" which means "5 poses?" I think? Must be super kawaii ones lar.




4, literally

and 5!!

END! See, she's good isn't she?

I think Maria looks a little like Dawn Yang here, doesn't she? Not in a bad way tho..


Poof poof

Yeah, all these pics above were taken in the mall's hotel, duh!

I'm lazy to type more, so I will stop here! Uploading and resizing the pictures were already so tiring =_=

Seriously, I admire you, Michee for being able to upload so many pictures into Facebook and your blog *does the gong xi fa cai pose*

I will lessen your load by taking less vanity pictures 0=) ok?

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