Thursday, March 11, 2010

Go with the flow~


I haven't been blogging much these few days partially because I have nothing much to blog about, as usual.

I can't help it, my life is THAT boring. Actually, I shouldn't be that pessimist.

Yes, I think I should be because my test results S-U-C-K!! I don't really want to go into details but yes, I'm extremely disappointed at my results. There are some which I'm satisfied with...and some...that..made me...very very sad.

The subjects that I worked so hard for didn't get me the results I wanted whereas the subjects that I worked less hard for, got me the results that I didn't expected to get i.e great results. :O

WTH MAN! Should I go with the flow instead?

Expect the unexpected and unexpect the expected?!?

HAHAHAHA. Ok, that was a lame quote made by yours truly.

Perphaps, I should look at the bright side because I'm involve in a school activity this year which is the...

Entrepreneurship fair! :D (must visit ok, got fancy schmancy name)

And yes, I'm damn excited ok! :) Heheheheh! Let's hope this works well. LET'S DO THIS THING! *Linguini in Ratatouille*

I'm like typing crap now because I just want to make this post lengthy.

Anyway, PICASA has introduced another amazing editing stuff..whatever you call that thing.

It's called "People" which tracks unknown faces and lets you name them so next time, picasa can help identify/tag these peeps to make tracking people a little easier, I presume?

AND HAHAHAHAAH! OMG! I swear I got such a good laugh when I viewed all the cropped faces picasa identified. And mine was the most -_- well, duh!

Ok, this is how it looks like:

I can't believe they actually track UNKNOWN people -

(people who weren't suppose to be in the pics, i.e strangers who kaypo purposely want to turn their heads to face the camera so their faces would be captured so next time you can remember their faces clearly) Quite creepy eh!

See that...odd guy in the picture? Hey, I ain't that mean to call him odd just coz he looks odd okay. It's because he's the odd one out compared to the group of teenagers in the picture.

He's the guy from KBFSC, who's a boat driver! See! Not bad huh? I've got MORE MORE MORE pictures of cropped pictures of peeps...

Most of them look like mug-shots which are damn hilarious! Some were nice...some weren't...that's cause you don't know you've been TRACKED!

Shit. I'm getting lamer and lamer now.

Stop here! Heh..


I'm an astronaut and for my next mission, I'm going to explore Uranus! ;)

GET IT? If you don't, DUDE...go study the universe, ASAP!

And one more...

Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice!

LMAO! Pickup lines are (Y)

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