Monday, March 08, 2010

Girls' day out!

Yep, the title says it all!

It's a girls' day out! The girls were Sharlyn, Horyin, Sabena, Sandy and me! :D

We should a have a girls' night out too! But I would prefer to go clubbing! Isn't it fun? But only when we're 18 and in some country which have lots of clubs. Brunei don't EVEN have any clubs here.

The day started off with lunch in excapade and for once, I truly admit that I was sick of Tomyam Udon. I dunno why but it's like I had no appetite for it. Usually, I would have an extraordinary feeling whenever I had a slurp of the soup by I didn't have any feeling at all when I ate it :(

Maybe it's coz I had it too often...

TOMYAM UDON for all you tomyam-lovers out there!

Honestly, it isn't THAT spicy until like


Queen of Tissue anyone?

Me, posing with my tomyam udon

The girls and I with our colour-coordinated outfits!

We were supposed to wear different colour outfits on that day and we did!

I was pink, Sandy was purple, Sharlyn was blue, Sab was black and Horyin was white! It looks like a mixture of dark colours. It would definitely be nicer if someone wore green :D

I was fascinated with this blue-y drink! It looks so club-y too! HAHAHA! I'm easily sakai about these stuff

Sharlyn who had on A BANDAGE DRESS *drools* and the bandage part(which is the bottom)was smooth and not rough like the ones selling at Ego! :(

I want a bandage skirt so badly!!

Sandy, my baobei who had smears of tomyam soup around her mouth

OMG! Sandy looks so drunk here!

Maybe the waiter finds Sandy too cute so he wants to kipnap her so he infused the tomyam with hard liquor? JKJK me and my kua-zhang thoughts..

BAM! Our personal poses

GLEE!! Sabena's Rachel, Sandy is the Sandy guy in the Acafellas and I'm Finn ^_^

Horyin! Wah, my face looks damn fat and oily here, seriously!

I didn't have a picture with only me and Sabena in excapade because we both reckon that we look real bad in the pictures taken there so we tried camwhoring outside, which has natural lighting!

Much, much better!

Looks so posh from here ey? OOH OHH! I love Sharlyn's Chanel lookalike bag w/ long strips too!

I'm saving money to buy a camera :) I don't think I could save that long for a I will only buy that when I work I guess. Persuade my mum to buy me a DSLR? When pigs fly, that is!

Girls just love to be vain! ;)

Royalty ^_^

Taking pictures in dressing rooms is like a tradition for us!! LOL!

Zipper skirts!

And then, another picture-in-a-dressing-room scene!

MAXI DRESSES! I love them! :D

I looooooook taller than usual with it! Ho-ho-ho! No lah, I'm satisfied with my height now..I don't even care if I'm not as tall as you or shorter than you..etc.

Dude, my height is like considered okay among Asians. Not all asians are tall right. -_- Angmohs usually think of us Asians as petite.

Like my pandan-flavoured maxi-dress? HAHAHA! And Sabena's Glee-lified dress?!

I'm walking on sunshine! Ho ho ho

Kns tag hanging out from the tube part -_-

We love our didn't-even-buy maxi dresses!


Sabena's grumpy because I won't stop taking pictures :p

Anyway, I forgot to mention at the top that we watched 'Case 39' in the cinema!

Overall, it was a great movie, I guess. The story was good and the suspense, well judging by the screaming of the crowd in the cinema, yes, it was suspenseful.

But I already know what was gonna happen towards the movie. It's predictable!

Not gonna say much about the movie but all I can say is, I'M GONNA BRAG NOW because I didn't even scream at all, NOT even once, whilst watching the movie 0:)

MUAHAHAHAHA! Yes, duh, it was scary in some parts, and it's impossible for me to go all "Aiya, scary meh? It's like watching Pink Panther ok" But shit, I laughed again in some killing parts! Why am I so sadistic?

I forgot which part I laughed at. I know it's a killing part. :p

Oh ya, both Sabena and I have the same thoughts. We both think that the father of the child is H-O-T. He resembles Daniel Craig (current James Bond) HAHAHAAHAH!

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