Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bite me! =B

As mentioned in the last post, I'm joining the Entrepreneurship Fair which is being held on the 17th of March 2010 in SAS's school hall!

I'm damn excited for it because it's my first time actually joining it! Usually, I would just purchase from other stalls..and hey, hey, hey, I'm not biased okay. I usually go to the stalls which sell the stuff I like and not because my friends are joining. Well...honestly, I do visit them just to give them face. HAHAHA.

So you guys better do the same to me! >:)

Since it's the last year, might as well join with no regrets! Earning money is another thing, but I just hope that we can do well in selling our food stuff :)

Advertising is one of the most important thing to do in a business (wow, I sound so commerce) and so,

I'm here to advertise for our (me, Maria, Michee and Sabena) stall and our stall name is...



When Mrs.Mangalam mentioned it during the meeting, I swear I heard a few laughs >:(

It's awesome okay! Thanks to Maria, she thought of that cute name :D

When Maria first told me our stall name was gonna be 'Bite me', I suddenly thought of a bee! I dunno why :/ But if a bee has to represent our stall, then shouldn't our stall name be 'Sting me?' instead? LOL!

How about you peeps? What came up your mind when you heard, "Bite me?"

Aw, please, don't think so violent okay, think something more...nice.

I also think that 'Bite me' kinda remind me of VAMPIRES. No?!? Vampires bite people's neck and then suck their blood!!

And werewolves also bite people and then shred them off into pieces!

If I had a choice, I would be a werewolf tearing the people I hate into pieces and then spitting them out. Heck, why would I wanna eat those stinky flesh of theirs? *PUKE*

Ok, back to business,

Vampires and werewolves! What does it remind you of?

HAHAHAHA! Some of you might have guessed it and some of you may not.


Yes, it reminds me of the 'Twilight Saga'! :D

Haylo~ Edward Cullen!

Hey there, Jacob Black hotty with an awesome smexy than ever tattoo!

See! I'm so nice to let you have a pick between these two boys, right? You get to be in either Team Edward or Team Jacob.

I WAS in Team Edward but I'm over the Twilight/New Moon fever for the time being, so I consider myself neutral.

The reason I pick Edward and Jacob to represent this blog post 'Bite me' is because well, both of them B-I-T-E and girls love them!

See, two good reasons! So if any of you think that 'Bite me' reminds you of Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, do come over our stall! ^^

There's no Edward or Jacob in our stall, but just visualize it. When you taste a lil' of our creations, imagine you're tasting every bit of Jacob/Edward!

Satisfaction guaranteed! :D

Ok, the real representation for 'Bite me' is actually a shark! It's because it was a fridge magnet of a shark that inspired Maria to come up with our stall name.

I googled for a picture of it and found quite a nice one! But it's violent! Eep!


OMG! TOO COOL PLZ! Too bad we're supposed to be in our P.E attire. How...exciting.

Okay, now to the main point.

We're selling lotsa food goodies for all of you peeps who have a sweet tooth!

These are the yummy goodies we will be selling:

CUPCAKES! Who doesn't love cupcakes?

Especially when they look this good!

I'm not sure about the taste but they sure do look good! :9

They look so nice *eyes shimmering*

Too bad our cupcakes won't look like that! But I can guarantee you it will taste great! Bragging I know, but who doesn't brag when they are advertising for their own stall?

And also, *screams*


Can someone scream out delightful?! *wiggle eyebrows* This is for all you chocolate lovers out there!

And also, BROWNIES! :D :D

I swear when I tasted one of Maria's brownies, I literally dance and shook here and there!

IT'S ORGASMIC, baby. ;)

For you sex-addicts out there, you can try this to fill up your satisfaction meter.

Okay, that was ew. HAHAHA.

Last but not least, COOKIES!

Chocolate chip cookies, peanut and so...

And that's not all we're selling! There's like MORE so do come over to our stall to find out! :)

Like Maria mentioned in Twitter:

Macsy225 - We at 'Bite Me' have special package deals as well! :D Trust me, it is worth every cent.

Yep! Special package which means, there's one of every item in a package! :D No need to choose here and there, just pick one package and go home and nom it all!


Where biting is not only just biting.

HAHAHA! LAME TAGLINE but still cool nevertheless!

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