Friday, March 19, 2010

3-in-one macam nescafe

This blog post is gonna be a 3-in-1 post mainly because I'm blogging about 3 different events in one blog post!

I'm too lazy to blog about them one by one, so I might as well just post all of them in one long blog post and not blog for one week.

HAHAHA! It's true...I realized that I only blog once a week or maybe twice a week with super short and meaningless blog posts.

I can't say that I have NOTHING to blog about because actually, there's so much events happpening in the month of March, which explains why the days goes by so fast for the month of March, for me lah! Don't you think?

There's the Annual crosscountry run, Assessment Test, Entrepreneurship Fair and so on...

I did not take part in the crosscountry but I'm so happy that Hollis is ranked 2nd in place this year for the crosscountry run! AWESOME OR WHAT?!?

Usually, Hollis would get last which is ultimately sad, and that makes us hollis-ians lose hope man...

But not this year, we won't be going down, down, down, instead, we're rising up, up and UP! :D

Go, Go, Go Hollis! *does the finger twirling*

Anyway, first up is my Mum's belated birthday which was on the 12th of March...there's no need to wish her in this blog post anymore because I did it on Twitter already :)

We celebrated it in Kimchi! The ever-yummy korean restaurant! I really love Korean food coz it tastes so amazzzzzing!

Big spoon (L)

I wonder what this rice is called. It tastes so nice compared to the normal rice we eat at home. It's sticky...almost like sushi rice

That, reddish coloured stuff tastes..horrible.

waiting for the food to be served..

Chicken ginseng soup with lotsa delish goodness :D

Forgot what this is called...I think it's Sesame chicken!

And all these pics below are taken in Fitness Zone, where Sab, Michee and me practiced our dancing! Broadway style :D which means tutu dresses, big pom-pom hairstyles, red lipstick and lots and lotsa twirling!

HAHA! Just kidding. But I'm sure it involves one of those stuff I mentioned above.

me and sabby

Check out Michums puny eyes!



I'm lying on the big ball! :) I remember there's a rabbit version of this ball which you can actually sit on it and then balance yourself by holding its ears!

OH! And it's pink in colour!

This ball is like my teddybear ^^

And right after the practice, we headed on to Michee's house for some rest and then off to Maria's house for the baking session!


This is where the gruesome part comes! Never have I hated the smell of chocolate and sweet stuff so much till now!

Trust me, baking for three days straight (Well, not that kua-zhang lah but we usually start work from 2pm-11pm T_T) is enough to let you be immune towards the smell of chocolate!

Even the strongest, most delish and attractive looking chocolate will make me puke at the sight of it! THAT explains how much I hate it now. *puke*

I can never forget the night before the entrepreneurship fair! Me, Maria and Mich were almost dying, like literally! The brownies came out BAD and turns out, something was funky with the batter so we had to remake them! *wails*

And the time was already 1 AM! NO JOKE! So we had to stay up till 3 AM T______T

I was sooooooo tired! Never have I been so tired in my entire sixteen years of life!

What made us feel even worse was when we look outside the window to find the sky turning more orange-ish! And the rooster didn't help much gave us the "early alarm" signifying that the sun is waking up from its sleep!

Sleepy and haggard, we went to bed at 3 am, sadly, the worst is yet to come! We had to wake up at 5.30 am the next day which means we only had 2 and a half hour of sleep!

And the moment we wake up, we had to go to the kitchen and helped to pack and carry stuff down the stairs! TERROR!

So, those who ate and bought our stuff, A BIG THANK YOU :) And also, appreciate it >:)

Pepsi, to keep us energized!

Packing the cookies

Measuring the cookies to ensure they are of the right size..

Bite me! Rawwrr!

Yes! It's hand-drawn! That was quite fun! :)

Soft-baked cookies!

Anyway, the fair itself turned out to be a success! We were so worried we wouldn't earn any profit as our capital is SUPER-HIGH! I love the little kids walking pass our stall and observing our products...them and their super cute faces :D

I purposely picked out the nice looking packets for them coz I like them!

The profit we earned was awesome! This calls for another super duper shopping spree :)

Thanks to those who supported us, you guys are AWESOME!

And yesterday, which was the last day of the 1st term, I went out with Sandy to do some shopping! Mainly, she was the one who did the shopping! I just tagged along :)

Sandy, my baobei nom-ing on the garlic bread!

How weird! I hate to eat garlic but I love to eat garlic bread! Any explanations for this?

Me and my chicken lasagna..I couldn't finish it tho.

OH YEA~ What a coincidence! Me and Sandy were both wearing sort-of blingy-fied shirts and short shorts yesterday! :) HAHAHA!

Puppy paws!

If you noticed carefully, Sandy had on mascara on her lashes! Sudden improvement man! :O But it's good for a first-timer!

And it wouldn't be an outing with Sandy if we don't take pictures in the dressing room! Lol!

My bandage skirt heheheh I wonder if I bought the wrong is easier to match :(

A bandage skirt can also top up as a high-waist skirt!! Awesome or what!

HAHAHA, my dear Sandy looks so adorable in here!

I really love Ego man..they sell gorgeous and up-to-date yet affordable designs!


You might have noticed that I keep on using awesome in every line..because that's my lingo for now.
Ending this picture post with a pic of moi and the plaid shirt Sandy bought!

I want a plaid shirt TOO! :D


Psst, I prefer Happy Holidazzzzzzzzze :) HAHAHAHA!

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