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Recognize this guy? He's the guy acting in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" and his name is LOGAN LERMAN. If you guys actually bothered to read my posts...

I made fun of his name...still down...but I modified it so I'm gonna show the before comment I made about him.

62. Logan Lerman (?) (Nice name *snickers*)


I was reading it halfway then I was like "Eh! This name sounds so familiar....and I finally realized who he was!

Damn! Effin paiseh ok! Can't believe I made fun of a cute guy's name! Sorry! Sorry! Heheh..


HI!! I'm back *pouts*

I haven't done a survey for so I thought I might try this one out! It's quite fun! :D

-Bold the GUYS you’d definitely sex it up with. Italicize the guys you might do after a little persuasion. Leave alone the guys that don’t do anything for you. Strike the guys you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. ? Question-mark the guys you don’t know or google them. Add three guys to the list.

I think "sex it up" is a little too dirty for me so I'm gonna change it to "date". Also, I'm too lazy to strike it so I'm just gonna type a (x) beside the guys I don't fancy.

Ok, I altered them a little because MOST of these male celebrities listed in here before, I have never EVER heard of them, seriously.

01. Russell Howard (?)

02. Criss Angel

03. Robert Pattinson

04. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (?)

05. Hugh Jackman (Yeah, I'm aware that he's old enough to be my dad, but hey, he's hot)

06. Brad Pitt (x) (Never did like him anyway)

07. Jared Padalecki (?)

08. Taylor Lautner (Don't really fancy his face but hey, he has a smoking body so yeah heheh)

09. Jackson Rathbone

10. Robert Downey Jr.

11. Jared Leto

12. Adam Gontier (?)

13. George Clooney (x) (no no no no I will never ever get why he's named the sexiest male celebritiy alive)

14. Michael Welch (?) (I don't know most of these guys T_T Outdated much?)

15. Jensen Ackles

16. John Cusack (x) (He looks old and IS old)

17. Matt Dillon (?)

18. Ryan Reynolds

19. Andrew Lee Potts (?)

20. Lee Pace (?)

21. David Tennant (?)

22. John Krasinski (?)

23. Rupert Grint

24. Justin Chambers (?)

25. Justin Gaston

26. Patrick Dempsey

27. Johnny Depp

28. Bradley Whitford (?)

29. Paul Rudd (Ok, this guy sounds so familiar, mind enlighten me?)

30. Cory Monteith (Are you kidding me? Yes, indefinitely. I will marry this Gleek if I can)

31. Dominic Monaghan (?)

32. Zachary Quinto (?)

33. Christian Bale

34. Josh Holloway (?)

35. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (?)

36. Taye Diggs (?)

37. (HAHAHA, so I added this one into the list, can't I?)

38. Hadley Klein (?)

39. Alexander Skarsgard (?) (Dude, I have been living under a rock)

40. Sam Worthington

41. Kris Allen

42. Sam Trammell (?)

43. Ryan Kwanten (?) (Who the hell are these people?!?)

44. Neil Patrick Harris (?)

45. Adam Lambert (x)

46. Michael C. Hall (?)

47. Matthew Morrison

48. Chace Crawford (Oooo yes)

49. Samuel. L. Jackson (Another one that I um. added into the list)

50. Milo Ventimiglia

51. Chris Pine

52. Tom Cruise (x) (ew, no)

53. Joshua Jackson (?)

54. Ewan McGregor

55. Robbie Williams (x)

56. Oguri Shun (?)

57. Orlando Bloom (Hello, my 3-months-obsession!)

58. Zachary Levi

59: Raza Jaffrey (?)

60. James Murray (?)

61. Daniel Radcliffe (x) (NEVER EVER & EVER)

62. Logan Lerman (Sorry Mr.Logan, at least you are hot)

63. Keith Urban (x) (I think he looks a bit like Billy Ray Cyrus, doesn't he? The hair..the stubbles..)

64. Arthur Sturbridge (?)

65. Eric Bana (Only if he dresses like Henry VIII in "The Other Boleyn Girl" and let's not forget the stubble)

66. James McAvoy ^^

67. Matthew Perry (old~ie)

68. Lucas Till (x) (I don't like him)

69. Ben Whishaw (?)

70. Tom Sturridge (?)

71. Michael Cera

72. Matthew Gray Gubler (?)

73. Ian Somerhalder (?)

74. Paul Walker

75. David Beckham

76. Jason Segel (?)

77. Matt Smith (?)

78. Jude Law

79. Collin Farrell

80. Alex O’Loughlin (?)

81. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (King Henry VIII *salutes* a sexier version)

82. Eli Roth (?)

83. John Stamos (?)

84. Ryan Gosling (He's super romantic in the Notebook)

85. Jared Followill (?)

86. Hugh Dancy

87. Paul Wesley (?)

88. Zac Efron (I don't know why but I feel the need to type this out: I'M NOT OBSESSED WITH HIM! AWESOME MUCH?!?)

89. Simon Cowell (HAHAHA! I ADDED THIS ONE TOO! Can't a girl have fun??)

90. Jesse Eisenberg (?)

91. Jason Dohring (?)

92. Michael Angarano

93. Xavier Samuel (?)

94. Jim Parsons (?)

95. Hunter Parrish (?)

96. Nathan Followill (?)

97. Vin Diesel

98. Dominic Cooper (?)

99. Steven Strait (This sounds familiar too...NOW I KNOW WHO HE IS! 10000 BC! My goodness, I'm such a dumbo)

100. Channing Tatum

101. Stuart Townsend (?)

102. Gerard Butler (Me thinks he's hot)

103. Adam Gregory

104. Ben Barnes

105. Justin Long

106. Sebastian Stan (?) (Oh kill me, I think there are more than 50 guys in this list that I don't know or have never heard of)

107. James Marsden

108. Oliver James (?)

109. Taylor Kitsch (?)

110. Ed Westwick (I almost can't recognize Chuck Bass's real name)

111. Matt Dallas :'D YES YES YES

112. Kiefer Sutherland (lao pek pek liao)

113. Josh Duhamel (rawww-rrr)

114. Mark Salling

115. Kevin McHale (He's cute :P)

115. Shia LaBeouf (I hated him in 'Even Stevens' but he grew up into a handsome young boy so that's kinda forgivable)

116. Jerry O’ Connell

117. Adam Brody (?)

118. Christopher Walken (?)

119. Daniel Bruhl (?)

120. Alexander Kapranos (?)

121. Nicholas McCarthy (?)

122. James Franco

123. Ben McKenzie (?)

124. Tahmoh Penikett (?)

125. Callum Blu (?)

126. Ashton Kutcher

127. Billy Joe Armstrong (?) Don't laugh. I seriously. don't. know. who. he. is.

128. Antonio Banderas

129. Kyle Howard (?)

130. Pierre Bouvier (?)

131. Scott Michael Foster (?)

132. Aaron Hill (?)

133. Chris Kirkpatrick (?)

134. Joey Kern (?)

135. Jeremy Sumpter

136. Christian Slater (x) (Ok, so I defied the rules and googled him :p And realized I hate him because he plays a baddie in a movie)

137. Aaron Johnson

138. Ash Stymest (?)

139. Gabriel Saporta (?)

140. Kevin McKidd (?)

141. Dominic Howard (?)

142. Matthew Bellamy (?)

143. Damian Lewis (?)

144. Brody Jenner

145. Philip Winchester (?)

146. Chris Colfer

Add three guys into the list:

147. Penn Badgley (Poor him was missed out in this list. I feel your sympathy and no, I'm not being sarcastic)

148. Alex Pettyfer (OMG! HOW CAN THEY MISS HIM IN THIS LIST?!?!?!)

149. Leonardo Dicaprio ( I saw the titanic poster in my pictures folder...then I thought to myself, why not?)

150. Theodore ^_^ (Who cares if it's a fictional character? It's a GUY and it's super adorable, squishy fatty poo poo)

Anyway, EXAMS ARE OVER! *throw confetti* Is it tests or exams? I always get jumble up between them or are they just the same?

Ok, so they are the same. Kanasai. Just searched for it. :p

You know what? I'm SO much happier these few days! I feel seriously very free! Freeeeee butterfly! Free~~butterfly! I could sing this song over and over again.

Heheh, it's an inside joke between me and Maria >:) Our favourite commerce teacher used to wear this really oversized batwing sleeved top IN PINK to school and that's how the name - free butterfly started.

Cause she looks like one with those batwing sleeves!

I seriously have nothing else to blog about anymore T_T but all I can is, it's awesome sitting in the middle of the class! I can look around, stare at people's answers secretly (that was a joke, poo), see people stressing out etc

Honestly, I find it super interesting when I look up from my paper and saw a few people looking really stressed-out, constantly pressing their calculators non-stop, slamming their pencils or pens onto the table or even making the "hais" sound.

And also, it's so cute when some of them dunno how to do the papers and so, they chose to give up and sleep instead.

Weird, I know but I's just me. I'm easily fascinated ^-^

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