Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Once a gleek, always a gleek

So how did you peeps celebrate your Chinese New Year?

For me, all I do is stay at home and pig out! Sounds boring right? But it's actually not because I have GLEE to watch! HAHAHA! I'm seriously such a gleek.

And I'm proud to be one! *salutes* I feel like having one of those tees labeled "GLEEK" on em! I know they are sold somewhere in this world but I don't know where :(

How cool it is to wear a "I'm a Gleek" tee out! B)

Anyway, pictures, mostly vain ones

and I'm allowed to post as many as I want cause it's my blog!

FINN! My gleek! I love you! Hehehe

I don't know why every year, it seems like a tradition for my skin to grow A pimple on the SAME SPOT! But this year, it's different. Instead of a pimple, I got a mosquito bite.

F you mozzies!

swing swing~

Me and my cousin, Emily

Awesome pink neon lights!

The shopping centre at Sibu was literally empty at the highest floor so we snapped away like mad without having to worry about people passing by!

Vanilla icecream and the beautiful night scenery.

ahh...super pixelated.

Don't I look like I'm standing in front of the eiffel tower? :p I like this picture because I look like a tourist! :D

More vain pics of me savoring the ice-cream cone

Check out my sneakers!! They are Mickey mouse inspired! ^^ You can't see them clearly so..I will post a clearer pic of it next time!

Lastly, I love my heart shaped-shades! Hoo hoo! And there's nothing you can do about it!

I doubt I'll be taking more pictures so I guess this few will do. Staying at home everyday....obviously results in less pictures :(

My parents don't like to visit people's house to get angpaos, sadly. But it's ok, cause I have lots of relatives resulting in = $$$ extra angpao money

And I'm proud to say this: I collected almost RM$300 without even visiting people's house. HOHO!

I won't say I had an awesome cny this year because it's the same, almost like every other year.

But this year, there's an exception because.......


Still very much in love with Glee and Cory Monteith.

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