Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm totally blingi-fying!


How ya like my new heart-shaped shades? Wait, let me give it more fancy name since it looks fancy! about...

How ya like my Blingi-fying Heart Shaped Shadez?!? \m/

Bet even your not-so-smexy-afterall aviators can't even be compared to this totally-so-smexy heart shaped shades!

HAHAHAHAHA! It costs me only $3.90! Yes, I'm a total miser at heart and I will only buy stuff that is cheap and LOOKS GOOD!

I found a gold-mine somewhere in Gadong yesterday whilst shopping with Michee! Well, thanks to her cause she introduced me to that place! *cough* if I didn't buy my contact lenses that time, we wouldn't be able to find that shop *cough*

We spent so long in that shop and we were probably the loudest in there since it was so quiet. There were so many quirky finds in that shop! For all of you headband lovers, including meself, you will be in headband-heaven once you reach there!

Their headbands are super exquisite looking, be it feathers, sequins, lady gaga-inspired headbands, satin and so much more!

But, I didn't buy any 0:)

The designs that they sell, I mostly have them already!

I can't help but think that one particular worker in that shop who was trying to act-cute to Michee looks like...

YEP! You may know him from the movie "The Hot Chick"?

He's Rob Schneider!! Michee thinks that he looks nothing like him but I however, thinks that he resembles him A LOT!

Especially those eyes! And the hair! E-mo-e-yang! :O

Behold peeps, Brunei actually has lots of look-a-like celebrities, it's just that we haven't find them yet! Perhaps one day, there will be a Brad Pitt look-a-like, no?

Anyway, even though there were downsides yesterday,

1) I realized that my Hello Kitty earring was lost while I was trying on a headband and it still cannot be found! T_T

2) I was paying for a top I thought costed me 20 buckeroos until the boss told me it costed $24.90 instead! T_T T_T

But, nothing, nothing could be compared to the HK earring (L)

Of course, I found the solutions to my problems!

1) I replaced my HK earring with a checkered-printed heart earring I bought just recently

2) At least I love the top so very muchie!

AND AND AND! OMG! SO humilating. Whilst I was walking with Michee back to the Mall, I passed by a red car and stopped to look at my reflection. I stood there fixing my hair while talking to Michee for like a few minutes and then finally realized that there was a guy who looked like he was half-asleep staring out the window!

LOL! FECK! We quickly scurried off while laughing like lunatic people! :p

And, you know what I love about Michee? She always laugh at my jokes that she does not find funny.

Michee: *stares at a woman wearing a yellow tee with bright orange coloured fitting jeans* Yellow and Orange?!? *in a sarcastic tone*
Me: I know right! Bumble-BEE!

*quiet for a few seconds*

Michee: Is that supposed to be funny?

And then, she starts cracking up! LOL!

I'm gonna end this post with one last picture of ME! :D

I just love the tee, that's all (L) thank you Maria!

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