Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Glee-tastic!

Before I start this whole un-cny post, I wanna wish everybody who's reading this a very...

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's day!Y

So, how did you celebrate your Chinese New Year? For me, I stayed at home watching GLEE! :D
Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! That's right, I'm in love with GLEEE!!

I'm feeling glee-tastic now because watching glee makes me G-L-E-E, literally.

OH! Did I mention how much I love Finn Hudson aka Cory Monteith, the male lead character in Glee? OMFGGGGGGGGG HE IS SO CUTE ESPECIALLY WHEN HE SINGS!

I purposely rewind all his singing scenes so I could listen to it over and over again! But, I had the shock of my life when I googled him...

HE IS ACTUALLY 28 IN REAL LIFE! TWO-EIGHT! *laughs hysterically*

Does he even look 28?!? I still can't get over the fact that he IS really 28. T___T

This reminded me of when I used to be obsessed over Orlando Bloom for three months (quite devoted ey?) Orlando Bloom is..34/33 which is actually fine for his age because well, he looks his age. But, Finn TOTALLY doesn't look his age!

GLEE! I'm furious with you for casting old people to act as youngsters yet I still love you for your lovely songs ^^

You know what..I had this weird theory that maybe Finn auditioned for High School Musical but didn't make the cut because he was too old so he has been replaced by Zac Efron?

HAHAH! Lame theory, I know.

Anyway, since I'm so in LOVE with Glee, I also madly lalalala love their characters! (Ignore the lala(s) I'm happy, deal with it) These are my main faves (I don't have any that I hate or dislike) :

Rachel Berry

Why do so many people hate Rachel? She's not bitchy. She just self-praise a lot and well, talk really weird stuff.

But she can really sing plus, she's pretty too! I like her hair. :) I would love it if she and Finn end up together in the 2nd season!

Kurt Hummel

He is so cool, indefinitely. Is he really gay in real life coz he has a really....lady-like voice.

Sue Slyvester

I bet most of you glee-fans will be like...W-HAT?!? Why HER? She's so mean, so tomboy-ish, crude, monstrous etc

But she's funny and is really really really sarcastic. (Oh, I hate sarcastic people btw but Sue's just a fictional character so there)

Glee-fans, remember the part when she had a fight with the principal and she got so mad she threw the file across the room!?? THAT WAS PRICELESS.

Last but not least,

Finn Hudson!


*28 chanting in my mind*


Okay, I just can't love Glee because of it's awesome characters.....I love it because yes, it's way better than HSM, no doubt,

2) It has awesome music! :D

3) It's amazing how they use music to express out feelings they don't know how to say it out. I do that too when I'm upset. I sing to some made-up lyrics by your truly and then I feel better, instantly :)

Yep, I'm GLEE!

When you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down - Glee

So, each time someone brings you down, just think -- it's because they are insecure with themselves and doing that makes them feel much better about themselves.

I'm gonna remind myself this, everyday :)

P/s: I know, I know, CNY is supposed to be the highlight for today's post but sorry, Glee comes first!
P/ps: I'm in love......with none other than....FINN FINN FINN FINN FINN FINN FINN FINN I LOVE YOU! ^_^
P/pps: 'Push-it' sick.

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