Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Hi people!! I have a fruit-name!

Yep, you've heard of nick-names right? So why can't we have fruit-names too!?!

My fruit-name is......


HAHAAHAHA. Okay, well I started this fruit-name thingo with Sabena and Sandy! As usual, we were bored and thinking of something to play with other than "Would you rather?"

We have to each say what fruit does that particular individual remind you of when you look at him/her!

Sabena said that I reminded her of a carrot. Why kah? Is it cause I'm skinny like that? Or cause I'm c-u-t-e like that? *flashes carrot-y smile*

But you gotta admit that the picture above is, definitely cute :D

Guess who's the honeydew?

Duh, obviously it's Sabena! It looks like her anyway *snickering*

Hehehehe, no la, I'm just kidding. Not.

Sabena is so suweet and smooth like a honeydew that I want to savour every little bit of her in my mouth now 0:)

Sandy is none other than the...

I don't know why but Sandy just reminds me of this fruit! Maybe cause she's prickly like that! Well, pineapples have thorns...right?

And then in between POA lessons(I can't believe Mrs.Huong didn't bomb me for what I'm doing! Not to forget that I'm sitting in front again!)I felt like drawing a cartoon pic of Sabena, Sandy and me!

A little memory to remind us of our friendship! Lol!

This is self-explanatory.

But you may have a hard time trying to differentiate between me and Sabena! Sandy..ah...easy-peasy! HAHAHA! She's cute in the picture ey?

Cause Sabena laughed at the picture above, Sandy decided to take her revenge and so she drew Sab like this

Now it's time for Sabena's revenge-moment!

I drew Sandy so cantik looking and added in some dimples again...but she didn't appreciate it so..

She drew me like this. -_-'' What's with those dumbo ears? My ears are perfectly normal-sized!


I know, I know, we are super jobless and lame but hey, that's what makes us special! :D

And yeap, I'm childish and I don't like being that mature. I'm not a grown-up yet and don't forget, time passes really fast, so why be mature so fast when you don't even wanna age fast?

That doesn't make sense. At all.

Obviously, there are times when I feel 'mature'.

P/s: My hair is now super short! Well, not really that short, it's somewhere around neck-length! A drastic change for CNY!

P/ps: I made my twitter private :) I know it's super irritating to have the twitter window pop-up appearing out of nowhere so I removed it. Hehe. But you can try to follow me at http://twitter.com/27lilian if only you are one of my friends.

Anything harsh people say now, doesn't really effect me. So yeah, don't try too hard cause all those hate messages will be deleted eventually :D

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