Thursday, February 18, 2010

A date with Sushi Tie

So I lied about taking less pictures, but hey :X

Everyone loves pictures, especially FOOD PICTURES, right right?

(I am writing this post with an empty stomach because I refuse to eat plain white kolomee that's waiting for me downstairs! Plain white kolomee is AWFUL! T_T I want kolomee with kicap and lada)

Whist shopping halfway, me and my cuzzy spotted(actually it's me) this sushi restaurant that looks so nice from the outside and since I was hungry, I decided to try it out with her!

The ambience is not bad! Its quiet, soothing and *insert all the good words*

(At this point, I went downstairs and modified the plain white kolomee by adding awful salty kicap and some kind of weird chili concoction and it tasted EVEN AWFUL THAN BEFORE T_T so I gave up and decided to starve myself till dinnertime)

Ok, back to the "Sushi-business"

"Sushi Tie" is the restaurant's name. I find it weird though why tie?

That's salmon aki btw ^^ Yummy!

We sat at a seat which I reckon is so cool! You have to take of your shoes and place it on the "staircase look-alike" thingy (sorry my bad, I suck at explaining with good vocab)

I should have take a picture of it but I was too excited coz when I found the "perfect" seat, I was like "OMG OMG! That's the seat that I want" so I hurriedly took off my shoes and scampered to the seats!


Whilst waiting for the food, me and my cousins camwhored around our seat! Check out that big window with a beautiful scenery behind me!

Ok, I hate this picture because it looks so unnatural :p My cuzzy asked me to pose that way.

Girls just love to camwhore~

We keep snapping here and there lol! I think the workers were slightly annoyed by us! But they had really good service :)

Hmm..what was I looking at?

My dad's former primary school! I think!

Lookie at the zebratic printed look-alike glass! And my....failed crossed-eyed pose.

Finally, our food arrived! *joy*

I ate the most..hehehe

Obviously, it looks much more tempting in real life because my phone camera is super pixelated and makes food pictures look less-nice. Can't blame me.

Looking at it makes me wanna go back and eat again T_T But my cuzzy went back to Brunei already...and I don't have anyone else to eat with me! My parents dislike's so sad.

Looks like I'll have to persuade them to like Japanese Food!

*bragging* If I can convince people to eat Tomyam Udon, convincing my parents would be easy peasy *bragging*


No long after I posted this blog post, Mr Kayong sent me this comment in Facebook

STRONG EVIDENCE!! See, told you I'm good *wink wink*


My cuzzy eating this cone-lookalike sushi

Again, another failed act natural shot :p You can see the printed glass clearer now!

Sushi! Forgot what it's called. I suck at remembering names of food.

Nom nom nom ^^

Sakai-ed about the huge-arsed spoon provided with the udon

My cousin wanted to taste the udon and because I was stingy and selfish as usual, I gave her:


Noticed her sulky face?

Oh, and I finally know why they provided good service..

The bill explained it all! :(

I hate restaurants that charge us their services!! Courtesy should ALWAYS be applied to the waiters and waitresses and need not any service charge whatsoever.

This is encouraging waiters and waitresses to only be polite to customers if they have this thing called "service charge"

Check out the pink mini hair clip! Looks awesome, no?

And nope, I didn't buy it!

It's too kua-zhang for me! Heh!

I'm so glad I didn't see anyone who wears the same clothing as me in Sibu! You know how freaky and embarassing it is when someone shows up with the similar clothing as you!

Tragic man, tragic.

Oh, and I tried on this cool tee,


AWESOME RIGHT?!? I wanted to buy it SO badly but if you actually squint your eyes to read "mr perfect" it's actually spelled wrongly. :( "Mr Perpect". Who wants to wear a tee with the wrong spelling?

But the meaning of the tee is so good. I kinda regret not buying it and also, the pink striped bag!

Gah! It's cheap again! T_T I hate not buying something and then regretting it afterwards.

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