Friday, January 15, 2010

Painting, shopping and Project!


HAHAHAHA! Okay, so they aren't that huge but yeah, there's a lot of vain pictures. Not to worry, they are not MY vain pictures, they are me and my bunch of girlfriends' vain pictures :D

Did YOU readers miss me cause I haven't been blogging for nearly a week! There's nothing interesting to blog about anyway except for school which I am certain that none of you bother to read about.

Bleh...but now, I have something to blog about, thank goodness or I will lose my readers soon...

I love my readers that still visit my blog although I don't blog! Thank you very much! Because of you, I'm still standing, because of you, my blog is alive! *bows down*

I know who my regular readers are and how many regular readers I have whenever I don't blog. They're not much but it's better than zilch.

Anyway, pictures! (I'm sure most of you are like, *goes in my blog and then *ah, pictures* scroll down to the picture part and view all of them without reading and then exit my blog*)

thankyou *grumble grumble*

We, 5s2, painted our class, once again in the same colour. T_T I wanted purple and white! Isn't it nicer?

The class looked like this when I first arrived..

Amanda, Sandy and Me!

Ey seh, my eyebrow look quite nice here eh..

I know we may look like we were vain-ing the whole time but we did do work! 0:) No joke!

"All work and no play make US dull people!"

hehe, call us the clock-heads

I was forcing my smile here..


Double \m/ triple B)

Sandy the midget! HAHAHA!

Paint splotches on my hand reminds me of something..

you would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up...

Lame, i know.


The guys decided to sashay

Sandy like an angel 0:)

Then, headed off to Gadong in coffee bean to do our NBT project..

Sandy kept on saying, "Why you wear all white ka today?"

HAHAHAHAHA! I feel like bai nu ren cannot meh?

Sabena who joined us later..

Webcam pictures...a whole lot of them!

Random! I wonder who took this..

All smiles except for Mt

Finally, she smiled except for Sandy and Pearl

Sandy...I think you look like a cute little boy that is smoking! HAHAHAHA!

Meithing is thinking about something mischievous! That little imp!

Don't have to strain your eyes to try to see if there's any shit in there cause there's none!

Speaking of shit...

We were supposed to find ways to conserve energy using recyclable products and Mt suddenly thought of "SHIT" or faeces if you want to be more scientific B)

This is a summary of our introduction...HAHAHAHAAHAH

FUNNY SHIT! Ignore the pun!

MINE(the super formal one) = "Greetings, our group consists of four people mainly Sabena Foo, Yii Meithing, Sandy Lee and Lilian Hii. For this environmental project, we came up with an idea of using waste materials to produce energy.

Everybody produce waste so why not we use the waste to make something useful out of it instead of dumping it.

SANDY(the super too-much-information one) = There are many kind of shits.. such as laosai..u knw la those watery type. which is green and some are brown. Some are of different sizes and shapes.. u feel pleasure when u shit.. some ppl like to spend their time in the toilet doing their big business to waste time.. while doing tat, they often text ppl or read magazines/books. This is from my experience lo. Sandy here ;)

SABENA(the super experienced one) from my experience, I ever shit black, and I think it produces more energy than black or green lo :P

Good introduction, right? That will definitely bag us the first prize! JKJK!

No worries, we're not using that for our science project...

I love this picture..although my head has shrunk..

I dunno why this picture suddenly reminds me of a pregnant woman!

Alien-y Sab!

Roman angel

Sandy looks so cute here!

bang bang!

the title explains it all ;)

Sabena looks like a bear here! Feed us teddies B) HAHAHA

My smile is totally fake :(

Err....was I really biting my tongue that time? :O

Candid ^^


If you think that's enough...WELL, NOT EVEN CLOSE! There's more vain pictures coming up! EVERYONE IS VAIN ANYWAY!

Sabena's fringe so cute! Makes her look like a chink but a super adorable cute chink!

Phewit, Sabena is so curvy! My brother said the white dress I'm wearing now looks better on Sabena(show middle finger to my bro)

All girls are like that anyway...:)

Two line eyes *inside joke*

:O hehe, for once, my eyes look bigger than Sab's in this pic!

Well, it did help that I was expanding my eyes and closer to the camera! -_-

Done! Honestly, it may not seem a lot but IT'S A LOT for me! I haven't done such a long and vain post for so long...

It feels good. Now, I don't have to blog for another week so you guys will just have to wait for another super long post like this ok? :)

HAHA! Kidding. If I have something to blog, then I will blog.

OH! Go shop for your CNY clothes now! Most of the shops are having discounts and big sales man! :D So effin happy once again cause I bought stuff that are on sale!

*DAMN! I forgot to visit one shop in Mall T___T

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