Sunday, January 17, 2010

my statcounter

I have officially decided to terminate my statcounter account of 3 years and 2 months. It had a total views of "25395" when I last checked it.

I know, I know, I bet most of you were like "3 YEARS 2 MONTHS?"

Question popping out in your heads: OMG! LILIAN! Why you got so little views after 3 years and 2 months?

Direct answer would be = My blog is effin boring last time so nobody bothered to read.

Most probably real and correct answer would be = The first time I started my blog was when I was in Form 1! That time, blogging wasn't even THAT popular yet(2006 eh! You remember there's a word called "blog" or not?) so I had very little friends who actually have a blog thus resulting in lesser views.

Now, blogging is a big thing! If you don't have a blog now, people will urge you to quickly go make one! HAHAHA! I say that to my friends if I think they have blog-material in them. 0:)

So many little kids have blogs now and because of their friends, they get influenced too! Even my brother wants a blog and asked me to help make him one but I ignored his request.

He don't have blogging material in him!

Dex: So what you write about in blog?
Me: My life la!
Dex: Oooo...what can I write about?
Me: your life!
Dex: nvm, nvm, I don't want to write anymore cause later my blog very boring.

HAHAHAAHA! SEE! He admits it himself. Actually, I was just worried for him. I don't want him to write mushy stuff in his own non-existent blog. I could just imagine...*brrr*

Anyway, I'm very "xin tiam" (heart-broken) when I had to remove my statcounter of three years and 2 months! I have been hesitating to remove it since months ago! But, I couldn't do it because

1) It had reach the big "20000" already
2) Three years and 2 months of numbers all gone down the drain T_T
3) All the visitors information gone, gone and gone!

"My old statcounter is like the wind, you cannot see it, but you can feel it" *touched* :'(

Although it is gone forever starting from now, it shall always remain in my heart and be remembered in my mind :)

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