Saturday, January 30, 2010

Makeup + vain = a girl's thing

Guess what!?! It's another vain-vain post! Muahahahahaha which means my face will be the center of attention in this post!

For those who followed my twitter, they should know that I spent yesterday afternoon playing with make-up! I don't really like using eye-makeup when I go out, usually, I just use mascara (which is sadly, not obvious), eyeliner, blusher and lip balm!

Is that what you call overly-thick makeup, Mr. Kayong? I don't even use powder or concealer hor! But, I'm gonna start using it! Lately, my complexion sucks!

My farm is sprouting lots of new veggies and I hope they are ready to be harvested so I can NOT eat them, but destroy them >:)

Getit? It's an inside joke :D

My lashes are not long but they aren't that short either, however, they are not curled up naturally! Mine is like straight down. :( Some people have naturally curly lashes so when they apply mascara, it tends to be easier for them so don't compare mine to theirs!

I hate it when people who have naturally curled lashes ask me "Why your lashes cannot be seen eh?"

Damnit! Isn't it obvious? *toink*

Because my lashies are not curled, i have to depend on a very good tube of mascara and an eyelash curler.

Ok, back to eye-makeup: (Damn, I typed a lot of crap up there :P Once i start, I can't stop)

My makeup stash!

All el-cheapo ones! :p Except for my Lancome lip gloss! Glamour ey? *wiggle eyebrows*

Bodyshop also not bad hor? Got class one ;)

Err, okay this is a little bit similar to the bubbiosity vid How to get bigger and brighter eyes makeup tutorial except that I altered it a little.

I did not use mascara because it can't even be seen anyway!

I love my eyeliner here :')

Muahahah my eyes look so huge here!

Well, it did help that I did this O_O

Chink chink!

Well, this post definitely do deserve a gorgeous picture of me like this!

(My nose hair - so unattractive)

Love love love my eyeliner this time!

In case anyone is wondering, yes, I did edit my pictures. I retouched my pimple! Hehehe, it's the one near my cheek but it's invisible now!

Don't even get started on the fake-fake thingy! It's just one measly pimple anyway!

I do not want my pimple to be the limelight right? :D

I was trying to do a smokey-eye purplish colour but I don't like the end result

At least my eyeliner is being nice :D

Ok, done!! I still have like kazillion vain makeup pictures but I only chose the ones that my eye-makeup can been seen clearly! I can't be so selfish and post all right?

You know what! I actually think that my eye-makeup photos will look even nicer if I'm using coloured contact lenses! :O

I don't own any, sadly.

I feel like blogging about a lot of stuff in one post so I shall get started, now!

I realised that I never did blog about prom, not even once! Hahaha! Well, just cause I didn't blog about prom doesn't mean I'm not hyped out about it!

In fact, I have been talking about this with my bestie, Michee on the phone few weeks ago! We talked about prom dates 0:) dresses and so much more la!

O'levels has not even started yet and I'm like rambling about! It's months away but I'm still not sure what colour I want my dress to be!

Any suggestions, people? :D

Please, no black ok :)

Since prom is like months away, I shall talk about Chinese New Year instead! Happy Lau Fu year! :D

CNY is coming, in like two weeks! WOO-HOO! Bring on the angpaos $_$

And good news people! I WILL update my blog even when I'm in Sibu! You loyal readers don't have to wait for me to be back from Sibu (Which is like one week) because I have broadband! MUAHAHAHA!

And, why must Valentine's Day be on the same day as Chinese New Year ka? YEESH! I kind of dislike it :(

If in Brunei, CONFIRM no one will celebrate Chinese New Year, only Valentine's day because Brunei is Brunei like that.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Just before I end this post, let me share with you a joke I find funny. If you don't then, kthxbai.

Man: Why the fuck is your name Lee John?
LJ: That's because my mum had two boyfriends, Lee and John but she didn't know who made her pregnant so she named me Lee John.
Other man: Wow! even i don't dare to admit that!

HAHAHA! EFFIN HILARIOUS PLZ! It's a quote from a movie btw!

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