Wednesday, January 06, 2010

its just my thoughts

Hi! As all of you know, school has started :D

Anyway, today I went to school as usual, met up with my friends and had a lil chit-chat. We had assembly today! Oh! How I miss assembly. We stood there for like almost half an hour and a few people were beginning to feel uncomfortable and some even nearly passed out!

That's why! Take your brekkie every morning, peeps!



I couldn't stand to continue it! HAHAHA! I just blogged like that cause I have nothing to blog about at the moment =( but I will try to figure out something 0:)

I like controversial entries! Sure, you may get insulted or judged by that....


You know, I have been going into people's blogs and I noticed that some would put this somewhere in their profile or as their welcome message:

"I write whatever I want. Its my life, not yours."

Ok, highlight the point - " I write whatever I want"

Do you believe this is actually true? That you actually have a freedom of speech in your own personal blog? I doubt that! Have you ever wondered who ARE those people that view your blog each day? Those anonymous people.

They could be your parents, your relatives, your enemies, people who-don't-know-you but-like to-read-about-your-life and even your teacher!

You can't bitch-blog about the school or your teachers! You will get bomb by the school authorities. So, you can't actually "Write whatever you want"

Your parents? You bitch about your parents and when they read it, hoo boy, be prepared to enlighten them!

Your enemies?

I'm sure this happened a lot of times

Example 1:

"This bitch is sooooooooo mean. I hate her. She thinks she's so pretty is it? So fat and ugly and etc and skinny and boobless etc"

Then the next thing you know, you find some spammer in your tagboard asking fiercely, "Who you talking about, huh? You think you are tough is it?"

Some MAY put their names and some MAY NOT.


If you think its you, yeah, its probably you cause you feel the pain when I mention it - my bitch mode

hehehe, ok my nice mode - No la, it can't be you. You're so different from her/him!

So in conclusion, we can't really write what we want. :( That's pretty much sad, actually.

We do deserve the right to write what we want and express how we feel towards this and that yet, we get scolded or punished for expressing how we really feel inside.

I'm not trying to say that people who stated this phrase "I write what I want" in their blogs childish! I'm just wondering...

Anyway, back to MY life.

HAHAHA! What I wrote above is just the introduction of how my day went today.

Basically, school's fine, nothing new much...except that we now have a newly renovated open-air canteen and.....that's all.

I'm a senior now.....each time someone says the words Form 5, i would immediately chant *OLD OLD OLD* in my mind

I'm gonna be 17 soon! So bloody old! mehhhh

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