Saturday, January 23, 2010

i love my hair straightener!

The wonders of a hair straightener!

To think that it only straightens hair but actually, it does a whole lot more!

Seriously, with a hair straightener, you can do ton of styles with your hair. Be it spiral curls, straight, waves, ringlets, tight curls(ok, this one is quite kua zhang so zilch that)


You don't even need to use any curling products or so to keep your curls in place! But if you want to, go ahead then! I just choose not to put any because.....

I don't own any. heh. Pathetic much.

Since this is a hair-hair post so naturally, expect LOTS of vain pictures!!

The before: Straight and tangle-free!

After: Twist!

I don't really know what kind of curls I'm donning..

You see, on the left hand side, I'm having spiral curls and on the right hand side, I'm having waves! :D Looks pretty much obvious ey?

I'm still an amateur in this kind of hair-straightening-curl thingo which explains why I have two different type of curls on both sides of my hair! T_T

Do excuse some of the insane pictures, I only picked the ones where my curls can be seen clearly

SEE the waves on the right side? They look like waves right?!?


I tend to make funny faces when I'm camwhoring, no idea why!

My curls loooooooooook so beautiful here! :')

Trying to show off my waves although you can't see it..but then, say hello to TWISTS!

And this is why I love my...

hair straightener! :D

I bet most of you will be like "PALSON? APA BRAND TU?" HAHAHAA! I bought that two years ago and the main reason I bought it was because it was the only cheap one in the store! LOL! Well, it costs 30 bucks which is quite reasonable in my case.

Have you seen the price of the other famous brands of hair straightener? They are wild enough to make your eyes pop out! At $160 dollars a box and no warranty, why not go rob a bank! :P jkjk!

Mine = $30 and a three-year warranty! (Y)

Proves that mine is so much better(in my case)! *flip hair*

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  1. Cool pix! I never thought that you can curl your hair using a straightener. That's good to know, you gave me an idea on what to do tomorrow with my hair though. I hope that you will post more pictures.


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