Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hey, i am fat!


HAHAHAHAA! So sakai right? But, I absolutely heart my pink vaio lappie until I even remembered its actual birthday. Sigh. My lappie is growing older, just like humans and like humans, they grow wrinkles too which are actually scratches and dents.

And also, their functions tend to deterioate just like humans. Humans' health tend to get worse as they grow older. So basically, my laptop is no difference than a human!

HAHAHAHA! Ok, maybe not until that extent. I treat it like a doll, it's nice to look at and has good functions, just yet. But, no worries, I'm not that crazy to name my laptop. Should I? :D

Hmm, any suggestions? I would like to name it Poppy. ^_^ Actually, Poppy's gonna be the name for my non-existent pet. T_T

I want a pet so badly, preferably a cat or a dog, or maybe both of them! :D

Anyway, this isn't the main topic I want to blog about. HAHA. Yes, expect another ranting post coming from me. DO I really rant that much? I went and check my older posts and they're actually not that much! Maybe it's cause my ranting posts left you guys with such a deep impression. Am I right? *prasan*

I don't get it. Why do skinny people, excluding me 0:) like to keep saying that they are skinny when are actually NOT?!? It's just effin irritating. They look like a stick yet, they still keep on complaining that they are fat!

Do they even know what does F-A-T mean?!?

There! That's the actual meaning of fat. What? Just cause your belly is slightly bigger than usual and you think you are considered fat? That's just some excess water or big fat lump of food you recently ate! DU-H! Whose tummy don't expand when they recently ate? Unless you have a high metabolism, that is. (I remembered Bio ^^)

I pity the REAL fat people in this world. Recently, I went out and saw a really huge guy who is like three times my size and I just felt so sorry for him. He was like so big, I wonder how he can actually walk or sleep properly! Can he find clothes his size?

Pity girls who are fat too. They have to face more dilemmas then big guys. They get bullied, called names, find it hard to wear pretty clothes, can't find the perfect bra size, have low self-confidence and etc.

(Ok, it's true that fat people do not deserve to be pitied because they themselves chose to become fat! So, I'm just speaking on behalf for people who are BORN FAT/BIG BONED!)

That is why it annoys me so much when I hear skinny girls saying they are fat. Why do they not understand? Then when we try to correct them that they are not fat, they scold us or make a big fuss out of it.

How would you like it if one day, I blog this out : OMG! I FEEL SO FAT. Look at me. T_T My belly so big like I just swallowed some kind of monster or something.

There. I bet ALL of you would disagree. Am I not right? I have been called skinny so many times so if anyone wants to call me fat, I will laugh out loud, literally.

Maybe the real reason why skinny people kept on whining that they are fat is just to get attention from people? Who knows right? Same goes for profile pictures! Don't get me started on this!

Girl a: Omg. I am so fat plz.
Girl b: No la! You are like so smexy! I want your body! Where got fat?
Girl a: No la. I am really fat. Don't deny it la!
Girl b: Really! Your tummy so flat! Where got fat?
Girl a: Got! *show non-existent bulging tummy*

If it was me, I would say this. My style man :)

Girl a: I so fat.
Me: Yeah, you are.
Girl a: REALLY? *starts asking numerous questions*
Me: YES!
Girl a: Why you so mean?
Me: Well, you keep on saying that you are fat so I am in fact helping you by agreeing with you!

HAHAA. Harsh but true.

I am not pointing fingers at anyone, so there, you have it. Please stop being so paranoid and think that I'm blogging about you when I'm obviously not. Even if I am, how would you know it's you if I never did say your name? That just proves that you're an insecure person that doubts everything.

Don't judge me when you don't even know me. I may have a harsh personality online but I am in fact, maybe the most suweetest girl you have ever met in real life :)

Real-life personality is much more important than online personality anyway ;)


  1. lols What a good post! I agree with your opinion and statement. Keep up the good work^^

  2. Who knows? Maybe Fat people are much happier then "slim" people...

  3. Indeed. Lol. :D

  4. Maybe they wanna be fat. lol

  5. haha fucking pissed ofg right,

    those ppl who are just so ANNOYING

    its just like some ppl like to post up photos with caption '' oh im so ugly '' or '' my ugly face''

    if she/he thinks the photo is ugly he/she wouldn't wanna show it to the whole world right

    then expect ppl to comment and say

    oh no la you're so pretty
    oh you're so cute

    then he/she pretend to say No la but in heart sudah syiok sendiri because ppl are actually complimenting them

    this is what i call DESPERATE TO BE CENTER OF ATTENTION, syiok sendiri case


    haha good post girl ! i like your point of view

    p/s : fat or skinny , everyone is unique in their own ways the only ugly people are those who try to bring others down with their shallow words

  6. Haha. true!! :D they just want to seek some 'attentions' like 'No~ sweetie, you aren't fat.' just to make them feel better. :D

  7. haha i do that. LOL. I mean agreeing with people when they say they are fat. oh well XD


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