Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy new year 2010

I know I'm late but still, its better than never so...


Its 2010 already! How fast time flies ey? :) I still cannot get over the fact that it's 2010! The numbers look so space-ish and out-of-the-world don't they?

Anyway, as promised, here is my "what made 2009 such a remembrance to me" list:

They are not in order okay! Cause I'm lazy to arrange them in order! *yawn*

I sprained my ankle for the first time!

and it's not fully recovered yet :(

I went to KBFSC with my friends and school teachers and had a great time! I learned a lot of new stuff and experienced living in the jungle!

OH! I am also eligible for TARA(The amazing race asia) ^^

I went to empire (for the first time, NO JOKE!!) with my friends and stayed overnight.

I was(and still am) crazily obsessed with headbands. Introduce me any extravagant headbands and i will love em! But I still love bows. They are soooo cute! How can you not like them?

I met new friends and got super close with some of them :)

I participated in the 25th National Day and am very proud to be a part of it!

I got something that I have been wanting for 2 years..


I still can't get over its beautifulness! This definitely made 2009 memorable!

I got bangs(temporary) HAHA! I couldn't be arsed to make it bangy each time I go out.

I got molested by a guy :'(

HAHAHAHAHAHA! WELL, if he's hot and is a dead ringer of Hayden Christensen or Orlando Bloom, I won't mind :) This guy looks so gay! EW!


Back to the topic,

I turned sweet sixteen!

I learned how to curl my hair using a hair straightener!

It's damn versatile loh! You can use it to straighten or curl your hair as you wish! But it works better on rougher hair. And i realised that curls are sooooooo awesome to be vain with! HAHAHA!

You can act-cute with it and also headbands looooooooooooooooooook soooooo amazing on curls as you can see *points to the third pic* :D

Watched twilight, love it and got kinda obsessed with it.

I used to think Edward Cullen was horribly hideous until I watched the movie and I now find him handsome-looking! LOL! And also, I hated Kristen Stewart too because I thought that she looked so punkish but now, I'm a fan of her in Facebook after watching the movie too!

Got a tattoo(temporary that is) HAHAHAHA!

I do want a tattoo. A rose motif at my back! HEHEHE!

Okay, that's all, i guess. If there are others and I forgotten them, then its because they are not that important to me!

I do hope 2010 will be a good year *fingers crosses*

But, always expect the unexpected. The stuff that you don't want them to happen will always happen and the ones that you want them to happen will never happen or if they did, rarely.

Guess that's life. *wink*

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