Saturday, January 09, 2010

An awesome shopping spree!

Enough of wordy blog posts (i like them btw), I now present you a PICTURE-BLOG POST! Happy? :D I'm sure most of you are like so happy for this!

HA-HA-HA. I'm not that nice so I won't post up just pictures without captions eventhough pictures = a thousand words

Its fun to write caption for pictures!

Anyway, I went out with Michee and Sandy yesterday just to shop, shop and SHOP! Oh my gosh, lemme just release my happy feelings here! I am so happy! I bought so many stuff that I laveeee! And guess what?

Most of my CNY clothes are white in colour(attending wedding meh?) AND weird somehow, because A-L-L of them are bow-acquainted! Weird or not? Yes, I love bows but NOT until that extreme! Me thinks its fate. HEH HEH HEH! I didn't notice they were bow-acquainted until I observe the clothes carefully!

Mind you, I'm not those type that goes into a boutique and goes "Oooh~all my clothes must be bow-acquainted please!"

It's fate :D

A big arsed vain picture of me to start the picture post..:)

(that was BEFORE my makeup melted T_T)

HAHA! I think we look like sisters here! Noh? Check out our tiny eyes! Psst, check out what Sandy's wearing! It attracted a lot of horny stares from perverts!

Even a cleaner in Escapade said "Hi!" to her! (three times again!) YUCK!

Since when did Escapade Sushi serve SNAILS?!?

We were sakai about the toilet! HAHA!

Her signature pose


OMG! Jiayee! Such a naughty naughty girl!

The minnie mouse dress! Blogshops sell it for 20+ only!! But mostly, people are impatient to wait so they rather buy it at a cut-throat price.

Do I resemble Minnie Mouse? 0:)

Oh man, this reminds me of my mum wanting to buy me a Minnie Mouse headband from Disneyland but my dad didn't allow! T_T

Sandy's hot sequin top! Have you seen the back? Burn!

We then headed off to Seri Qlap to shop! HAHAHA! OMG! We spent like 1 hour + in D'brandon

This dress costs....50 bucks! *Heart-pain*

Lovely thick eyebags! (WOW! I actually look so old in this pic! Now you can say that I look old and I won't say anything)

We had a great time in the fitting room! LOL! Sandy kept on laughing SOOOOOOO LOUD again! There were like literally no one in the stores except for us and the shopkeepers! Man, I bet they hate us so much cause we kept on asking for discounts and tried on so many clothes!

*ahem* There was this one clothing that made me and Sandy's boobs bigger! LIKE WOAH!

My saying : Take pictures of clothes that you DON'T buy!

HAHA! The fitting room, full of clothes :p

Even though I spent $100+, I definitely do not regret buying the clothes! They look so beeyootiful! :D Heh heh heh! All that's left to buy now are...skinny jeans and shorts! That's all and I'm ready for cny!

It'a definitely a great shopping outing! ^^

p/s: Michee is a very good girl.
pp/s: Michee likes leopard/zebratic designs. I, on the other hand, have a thing for vintage. Sandy is a bling bling girl.

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