Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a walk to remember

The main reason i wanna blog today is to thank two of my very loyal Pink-polky supporters who decided to donate all their pets' stuff to me without any hesitation!

A BIG THANKYOU to *drumrolls*

Vincent Goh and Sandy Lee!

*screeching sound*

YEAH RIGHT. I had to force both of them to give up their property to me! Sandy was the hardest to persuade! I had to persuade her, for like 15 minutes before she finally surrender and decided it was no use to argue with a stubborn person like ME! :D

please, be a stubborn person at times (Y)

Vincent was LIKE, the easiest man! I just had to throw in a couple of sad face emoticons and he reluctantly agreed! MUAHAHAHA! LOSER! WAIT! i cannot be mean to my donators!

Before i continue typing a long thank you paragraph for my donators, i might as well show you some pics of my pet, AGAIN! HEHEH!

Vincent's christmas gifts for my pet - He gave me 10 pressies!

Sandy-on the other hand gave me 15! heheeh! She's richer compared to Vincent (you can see how rich a person is by his/her house)

See how happy Pink-polky is when she received those gifts? And notice how gorgeous and pink-ish my house looks now? :D

Hmm...when i received that note...i was extremely touched :') but it faded when i visited his house..

Empty? *coughs* WOW! If that's empty, then i don't know what's the definition of "empty" anymore.

AND BWAHAHAHA! I remembered some people told me this on MSN "i never even go in there anymore! Boring eh" or "Oh, i don't play them anymore"


>:D heh! heh! heh!

okay, a very big thankyou once again to the very cute but flirtatious Sandy Lee and Vincent Goh!

Obviously, there will be a lovely surprise for both of you for treating my pet so nice!


For you, Sandy!

if Taylor Lautner doesn't seem to interest you anymore, well you can feast on..

Jimmy Lin!

I had a hard time finding hot pictures of Taylor Lautner un-shirtless(sorry girls, my blog won't be a Taylor Lautner shirtless paradise) and Jimmy Lin(without making his wrinkles obvious) HAHAHA! JKJK! About the Jimmy Lin part!

I used to think Jimmy Lin was handsome too ok 0:)

For Vincent...tough..

What does a normal guy like Vincent need?


I think i got it...


i know..i know, ever since i learnt how to Print Screen, i started abusing the "Prt Sc" key..


Anyway, i haven't been posting up vain pictures of myself lately..heh heh heh! Since so many people said they miss me, i might as well just post some :)

my hair isn't that ahlian-ish anymore! :D


You know when you try on clothes that you really like...but never get to purchase it because the price itself disgust you? Well, take (LOTS)pictures of yourself wearing them! At least its satisfying enough ;)

I haven't bought a book for like...since i don't know when! I don't like buying books because i can borrow them from the school library for FREE.

Also, right after you're done reading the books, tell me, will you read them all over again? :/ most likely, no.

I know, judging by the book title, i'm such a slow person. I CAN'T HELP IT! I hope its a good book :D

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