Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pet society

I have always loved playing pet society back at the start of the year. Note: LOVED

But recently, well, not so recently, i have stopped playing because

1) Its getting boring
2) I hate visiting pets' houses everyday just to earn money
3) I hate earning money everyday (almost same like the above but a totally different intention)

Oddly enough, i decided to just go and visit Pet Society today since i'm so bored just by reading blogs and watching videos 24/7 and i got the wow-its-so-pretty look in my eyes, i swear!

Is it just me or has Pet Society just became more gorgeous and Christmas-y looking?

Well, it has always been gorgeous but yeah, i haven't visited the page for months, What do you expect?

I think i'm gonna get addicted to it AGAIN after seeing the stuff Pet Society is selling! I want them ALL so badly! They look so purty! *w* but costly *smile fades*

Now, if there was only a fast and easy way to earn those coins, then i don't mind getting addicted to PS once more! It is however, a very adorable and fun game.

Also, it lets you bear a responsibility! Now, who doesn't want to be the Dada or Mama of such cute pets? *eyes shining*

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Pet Society Again:

1) To not let your adorable pets suffer :(

They are super kelian you know! They will starve and get smelly because of our ignorance! That will also result in them being super unhappy!

Aww, i really think my pet is so adorable and cute considering the fact that I at first have not intended to make it look like a mouse!



I know, you can only see two countable snowballs..but still, its SNOWING, in Pet Society! Even my pet gets to experience snow earlier than me!

Christmas decorations! (L) Omg! i love them! Guess which tree did i buy?










Heheh, yeah, the cheapest smallest one! And lookie the tree, it only got one Christmas ornament hanging there! It looks so....neat ey.

3) You have to LOVE the food.

It looks so tempting and pretty looking even though its not real!

I remember i had this plan of celebrating my birthday with my pet in PS..i would buy a cake (the $2000 one) and let my pet savor(savour?) expensive food for once! Being the cheapskate i always am, i usually just buy a 30 or 20 coins food. The same one each time. Its either salami or Meat.


*gasp* I literally went "buh-buh-buh" when i saw this! The last time i made that noise was when i stumbled on F21's website.

I'm so buying this sofa and bathtub!

You know what..Christmas is nearing so it will be nice if you guys could you know *hint hint* I bet Pink-Polky would love it! ^^

5) Beware of thiefs in PS

I know, its irrelevant to the topic, but my evil arsehole brother logged into my Facebook account and stole my pet's possessions! He took all my expensive and hard earned ones!

He stole away my most valuable posession of all! The Princess Swing that costed me 5000 PS coins T_T i worked so hard for that!

So i went to pay his pet a little visit and noticed some of my stuffs that looked kinda familiar to mine except its missing..

The gloves that Vincent bought for me (HAHA! I suddenly rmbered that) My pink cup! My pink toaster that costed me 1000 bloody coins! T_T My black rubbish can!

MY ENTIRE KITCHEN SET! OOOOOOOO, how i detest him right now!

but i will think of it in a positive way! You lose some, you gain some! I guess i will just go shopping and buy some new ones for my pet!

There you go, 5 reasons why you should be playing PS now!

I know there are some people that think PS is childish, gay, loser, stupid etc but you know what, I-DONT-GIVE-A-FUCK! (i can't deny that its boring) :p

I use to love(d) it and now, i'm loving it even more than usual!

More pictures of my cute mousey! F.U if you think its ugly! How can someone so cute be YUCKY LOOKING?!?

OH-KAY! I was seriously amazed by this poster! HAHAH! Is it for real? *pinches self*

Is my pet on a POSTER that's viewed by MILLIONS(maybe billions) of people around the world? Okay..

"Eh, support my pet leh, buy it okeh? Very cute you know...Buy lah buy lah!"

HAHAHA! For 10 playfish coins, it won't hurt your piggy bank right? :3

OK, don't "po wo leng shui" i know that only your own pet will appear on that poster! Other people will get to see their own pets on the posters too!

But i refuse to believe that only your own pet will be appearing on that poster so yeah, i'm just gonna think this way- my pet is viewed by all of you guys :D

Which explains why she's so happy!

She's so happy that she's willing to kiss people she don't like! 0:)

AHA! This is a gift sent by none other than darling Michee!

She's drifting off to La-la land now! Pink-Polky says "Good Night!"

Anyway, the main reason i blog about these whole PS stuff is to get sympathy from you people!

I have very little coins now in PS and would really appreciate it if you guys send a little gift (50 coins , i don't mind) to my pet! In return, i would post facebook statuses thanking you guys!

Just some hints for owners who own rich pets:

Michee said it looks like a scene from Twilight! HAHA! I agree!

REMEMBER! DO a good deed and Santa will give you something nice and sweet in return! ^^

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